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tony hipchest 09-13-2009 12:04 AM

Official Juarez drug war death count thread

MEXICO CITY — Investigators hunted for suspects Thursday following the execution of 18 youths at a drug rehab center in the border town of Ciudad Juarez, one of the most brazen episodes yet in Mexico's drug cartel wars.

The attackers on Wednesday broke down the door of El Aliviane center in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso. They then lined up the victims against a wall and opened fire, according to Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the regional prosecutors' office.

It was the third recent attack on a drug treatment center in Ciudad Juarez. Patricia Gonzalez, the prosecutor of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located, said Thursday that the centers have frequently been used by drug cartel members as hide-outs from police or rival gang members.

Enrique Torres, spokesman for the government's military and police task force in Chihuahua, said there was no evidence yet that any of the 18 dead and two injured youths were working for the cartels. "As far as we know, all of them were people who were being rehabilitated," Torres said.

In all, 40 people were murdered throughout Chihuahua on Wednesday, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal, which called it the bloodiest day in "the history of crime" in the state.

The massacre came just hours after President Felipe Calderon defended his anti-drug efforts in Mexico's equivalent of the State of the Union address. Also Wednesday, the No. 2 security official in Calderon's home state of Michoacan was shot dead when several gunmen attacked his car.

More than 13,500 people have died in drug-related violence since Calderon took office in 2006, prompting increasing questions about if and when his strategy will pay off.

"We are losing" the drug war, said Victor Quintana, a sociologist and expert on crime at Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. "Drug deaths are up, petty crime is up, the biggest drug traffickers here in Chihuahua (state) have not been caught. By any measure, this strategy is not working."

Calderon has cast the drug war as part of a larger quest for law and order in a country where drug cartels have penetrated key institutions such as the army and police. His government has poured 4,500 troops into Juarez alone.

The shooting also shows the shortcomings of Mexico's drug rehabilitation centers, said Regina Kuri, a spokeswoman for the Monte Fenix Center for Advanced Studies in Mexico City, which trains drug counselors.

Many of these centers are located in Mexico's worst neighborhoods. They lack the money and contacts to send patients away to safer areas where they are shielded from temptation and retribution, Kuri said.

"You need to remove these people from these places and give them real treatment, not just a daily plate of beans," Kuri said. Under Calderon, Mexican security officers have arrested several top cartel leaders and seized record amounts of drugs. However, new cartels such as the La Familia syndicate in Michoacan have emerged to take the place of weakened cartels.

"It's focused on this absurd fight, where you patch over one hole and 10 others open up," Kuri said. "The points of (drug) sales just multiply."
in semi-unrelated news...

El Paso Man Arrested For 18 Murders In Juarez have arrested a man suspected of killing 18 people in a series of attacks this year inviolence-plagued Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas.
Michael Escalante, 29, of El Paso, was allegedly a member of
"La Linea," a group of hit men working for the Juarez drug
cartel, Mexico's Defense Department said Thursday in a release. It
was not clear if Escalante had a legal representative or what his
nationality is.
Last week authorities arrested two other alleged La Linea
members, charging one in 211 killings and another in 33 killings.
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's deadliest city, has seen more than 1,300
deaths this year.
Farther south in the Michoacan state capital of Morelia, police
said Wednesday that they seized eight counterfeit police and rescue
vehicles including an intensive care ambulance with
official-looking logos and paint jobs.
Police said the vehicles belonged to gang members who planned to
use them to conduct illegal activities.
President Felipe Calderon first launched his crackdown against
drug cartels in Michoacan, sending thousands of federal police and
soldiers to his home state after taking office in late 2006.

tony hipchest 09-13-2009 12:25 AM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
texas rangers to the rescue!


HOUSTON -- Special teams of Texas Rangers will be deployed to the Texas-Mexico border to deal with increasing violence because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday.

"It is an expansive effort with the Rangers playing a more high-profile role than they've ever played before," Perry said of the Department of Public Safety's elite investigative unit.

The forces, dubbed "Ranger recon" teams, are the latest effort "to fill the gap that's been left by the federal government's ongoing failure to adequately secure our international border with Mexico," he said.

The governor early this year asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for 1,000 National Guard troops and renewed his call last month in a letter to President Barack Obama. The request is bogged down over who will pay for the troops and how they will be deployed.

Perry's announcement Thursday comes amid increasing border violence, particularly in El Paso, mostly involving people with ties to Mexican drug gangs.

"They'll be deployed to high-traffic, high-crime areas along the border," he said. "They'll give us boots on the ground, put people in these hot spots no matter what or where they may exist."

Perry said the effort also would focus on remote areas where farmers and ranchers have complained of being overrun by smugglers and gangs from Mexico in numbers that also overwhelm local law enforcement and border patrol

"Washington is shortchanging them, not giving them the support they need," Perry said. "As a result, we're having to dedicate our resources to deal with the challenges we have along the Texas-Mexico border and ensuing issues that porous border has created all across state of Texas."

He said the state would pick up the tab of $110 million, allocated by the Legislature in the past two sessions.

Perry's announcement drew immediate criticism from U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is running against the two-term incumbent in the March GOP primary.

"Today's announcement is yet another empty election-year promise from Rick Perry on border security," Hutchison spokesman Joe Pounder said.

Perry fired back that it was the

"height of hypocrisy
for someone who's been in Washington, D.C., for 16 years, who's had the opportunity to help Texas on our border security, and they've been no more successful in delivering the resources and help."
wow. the GOP is admitting hypocricy within its ranks? i wonder what (former TX gov and president) g. dub thinks about the escalating terrorism in his back yard.

MACH1 09-13-2009 01:39 AM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread

wow. the GOP is admitting hypocricy within its ranks? i wonder what (former TX gov and president) g. dub thinks about the escalating terrorism in his back yard.
Maybe obaaama will come to the rescue with an apology over tea and crackers bearing gifts of ipods.

steelreserve 09-13-2009 05:25 AM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
i thought this was going to be a fun thread, like, you know, uno .. dos ..tres ... cinceunta y cuatro

tony hipchest 09-13-2009 07:25 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
ochocinco! :party:

tony hipchest 09-15-2009 06:04 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
on second thought, this thread may be an extremely time consuming exersize in futility.

heres a list of recent links though-


EL PASO -- More than $1 million in cash was seized since Thursday at international bridges before it was taken into Mexico, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Monday. Full story

Juárez: 5 men slain make 35 killings since Thursday

Five men were shot and killed Sunday night in the town of Praxedis G. Guerrero in the Valley of Juárez. Full story

2 men found slain inside their homes in Juárez
JUAREZ -- Gunmen broke into two separate homes and killed two men Friday in Juárez. Full story

U.S. man found with ammunition in Juárez
Mexican federal authorities have charged a U.S. citizen after he was caught entering Juárez with $75,950 and five boxes of ammunition hidden in a van, officials said over the weekend. Full story

2 men found slain inside their homes in Juárez
Gunmen broke into two separate homes and killed two men Friday in Juárez. About 2 p.m., Ramón Heredia Chavíra, 58, of the 3000 block of Oscar Flores Boulevard, was found dead sitting next to his bed. Full story

# Some question need for Gov. Rick Perry's plans to deploy Ranger teams to border
# Officials say suspect took part in slayings
# Loopholes found in gun show arms sales
# Gov. Rick Perry says Ranger special teams to go to Texas-Mexico border
# El Paso man arrested by Mexican army, suspected of being hit man for Juárez drug cartel
# Mexico detains El Paso man, alleged 'La Linea' member for multiple homicides
# Arrest of high-ranking boss Jose "El Rikin" Escajeda could weaken Juárez cartel, officials say
# Alleged cartel big shot arrested
# Mexican army captures man wanted by DEA
# Juárez in shock: Attack considered city's worst multiple shooting
# Update: 18 slain in Juárez drug rehab center
# Juárez mayor asks army to stay 6 months longer
# Group of suspected hit men accused in 211 killings worked for Juárez cartel
# Defense lawyer for Mexican drug kingpin killed
# Man held in Juárez slaying denied release
# Juárez police allege 3 hit men killed 211
# 2 Juárez shooting victims brought to El Paso
# El Paso-born teen dies in Juárez shooting
# Woman from U.S. shot in Juárez
# Border program taking toll on Texas Department of Public Safety, audit says
# Mexican army captain slain in Juárez
# Gov. Rick Perry asks feds for border National Guard aid again
# Washington extends Mexico travel advisory
# Suspected cartel leaders among 43 facing drug trafficking charges
# Marijuana found in truck entering U.S.
# Juárez victim was fugitive, police say
# Funeral home, cemetery offer services to Las Cruces family of 3 slain in Juarez
# Mexico cartels go from drugs to full-scale mafias
# Slain family planned to leave Juárez
# Soldiers find load of drugs in officer's car
# 19 dead, 20 injured in Mexico prison fight
# ATF increases inspections of gun dealers in Texas
# Experts say working with informants risky business
# Official says Mexico committed to fighting drug violence, corruption
# Rethinking strategy key to battling drugs
# Mutilated body found at Juárez monument
# Obama, Calderon at odds over drug war, trucking
# Bodies of 5 men found in parked SUV
# Drug risks rise along border, group says
# Mexico shooting victims' tab $139,000 so far this year, cost $1.4 million in 2008
# July was Juárez's deadliest month
# Military finds ammo, weapons in Juárez prison
# Juárez Indios' success provides respite from violence
# Policymakers to hear border issues
# Gunmen kill 6 in Juarez pool hall
# Mom of woman killed in Juárez recalls telling her: 'Don't go'
# Drug lieutenant slain on East Side allegedly was confidential informant
# Mexico police name suspect in border agent death
# Arrest in Juárez: Father allegedly sodomizes 8-month-old son, killing him
# Soldiers seize fake military gear being produced at Juárez factory
# Lawmakers: Border fence has drawbacks
# US offers $50M in rewards in drug war offensive
# Authorities arrest suspected kidnappers
# 5 gunned down in Juárez bar
# Mexico identifies 12 tortured, slain and dumped along a mountain road as federal agents
# Man is found dead of bullet wounds
# Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano to speak at Border Conference
# Weapons, marijuana found in warehouse
# 44 arrests tied to Barrio Azteca gang
# 19-year-old El Paso victim of Juárez violence is identified
# Kidnappings bring Chihuahua protest
# El Paso teen, cousin slain in Juárez
# Suspect turned over to Mexican authorities at the Downtown El Paso port of entry
# El Paso mom of 4 is slain in Juárez
# Mexico President Felipe Calderon says drug war threatens democracy
# Update: Men accused in fatal Socorro bar shootings are Barrio Azteca gang members
# Mexican cartel battle shifts
# 2,500 soldiers head to Juárez
# Drug lords Ernesto "Don Neto" Fonseca and Rafael Caro Quintero sentenced in death of DEA Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena
# Mexico deploys 1,500 extra soldiers to Juárez
# Mexican gunmen stop ambulance, kill patient inside
# Child-sex tourism increases in Juárez
# 11-year-old from San Elizario slain during weekend
# Mexican soldiers arrest 25 in commando group
# Mexican soldiers accused of killing, abuse
# East Side slaying first cartel hit in El Paso
# Mexican army scours Juárez for guns, plans more police training
# Five patients shot and killed at Juarez drug rehab center
# Brother of treasurer in Juárez is slain
# Border inspections yield drug-war spoils, czar says
# More than 300 bid farewell to 15-year-old shot and killed in Juárez
# 15-year-old Coronado student shot dead in Juarez was an athlete, student leader
# Drug war epicenter: In Juárez, President Felipe Calderón draws line against cartels
# Mexico data overstate weapons traced to U.S.
# South Padre: Some see impact; others report business as usual
# Mercedes: Texas mall feels 'dead' as shoppers stay away
# McAllen: Pharmacies on Mexico side pack in customers
# Laredo: 'Slow' Cinco de Mayo festival expected
# Brownsville: Merchants say they're in battle for survival
# Auto thefts, carjackings in Juárez dip
# As infamous Mexican cartel totters, violence grows
# 2 federal police officers killed
# Juárez shooting victims are United States citizens
# Fort Bliss soldiers banned from Mexico because of the drug-related violence
# Missing 7-year-old Juárez girl found

tony hipchest 09-16-2009 09:07 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
i think this makes it 27 in the past 24 hours.


Mexican federal agent killed in Juárez; five killed in restaurant
By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times
Posted: 09/16/2009 04:40:17 PM MDT

A Mexican federal agent was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon in Juárez as rampant murders continued, including a shooting in a drug rehab center that left 10 people dead Tuesday night, authorities said.

A federal agent with the Mexico attorney general's officer, known as the PGR, was killed Wednesday afternoon outside the agency's headquarters on Avenida Abraham Lincoln near the Bridge of the Americas, authorities said.

The shooting took place as Mexico celebrates its Independence Day today with festivities that began last night.

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, a shooting left five men dead inside the Coco Bongo restaurant on Avenida Hermanos Escobar and Costa Rica street.

Chihuahua state police identified the slain as Jose Ignacio Macias, 50, Juan Jose Guardiola Barbosa, 21, Jose Luis Olivas Apodaca, 46, and two men who had not been identified.

Tuesday evening, five other men were killed in another mass shooting inside the Spider car wash near the border in east Juárez, across from the Ascarate Park area in El Paso. The dead were Rodolfo Soriano, who is in his 40s, Adan Gonzalez Alvarez, 32, Rogelio Alarcón Soriano, 20, Julio Cesar Hernandez Hernandez, 20, and Jaime Hernandez Hernandez, 22.

On Tuesday night, nine men and a woman were shot and killed by gunmen with assault rifles who fired 65 rounds inside the "Anexo de Vida" drug rehabilitation center at 564 Plan de Ayala street, the state attorney general's office stated. A man and a woman were wounded. Officials
said that among the dead are the director of the drug rehab center and a doctor.

The shooting is the second this month at a drug rehab center and at least the fourth since the start of a war among drug cartels. Juárez city officials said the latest massacre is linked to a war between organized crime.

There were at least an additional six other homicides Tuesday in Juárez.
Gunmen kill 10 at Juarez drug treatment center


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Gunmen burst into a drug treatment center in the northern Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and shot to death 10 people, the second such mass killing this month.

Police say nine men and one woman were killed in the attack just before midnight Tuesday at the Anexo de Vida center in Mexico's most violent city. Two people were seriously wounded.

Enrique Torres, a spokesman for Chihuahua state police, said Wednesday the identities of the gunmen and the motive for the attack have not yet been established.

But officials have said in the past that drug gangs may be using treatment centers to recruit dealers, or may be targeting them to eliminate rivals.

Most of the victims are believed to have been recovering profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityf ilter staying at the facility.


On Sept. 2, gunmen lined patients against a wall at another rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juarez and then riddled them with bullets, killing 18.

Five men were killed at another rehabilitation center in June, and in August 2008, gunmen barged into a pastor's sermon at a rehabilitation center and opened fire, killing eight people. Authorities have not said if any of the attacks are related.

Ciudad Juarez has seen the worst of the nation's drug violence, with more than 1,300 deaths this year. The bloodshed has continued despite a buildup in troops since March.

Surging gang violence has claimed 13,500 lives since President Felipe Calderon took office in 2006 and deployed extra soldiers across the country to fight cartels.

tony hipchest 09-22-2009 05:58 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
a fairly uneventful weekend-

More than a dozen slain during weekend


The number of people slain in Juárez continues to increase with few signs that it will let up in the near future.

State officials on Sunday reported the slaying of 10 people on Saturday and at least three others by Sunday afternoon.

Most of the victims were shot to death. Some were shot with handguns and others with AK-47 rifles, officials said.

Some of the victims were found on the street, some inside homes, and two were shot on a front porch.

More than 3,000 people have been killed since violence began in the city in January 2008.
however the action picked up on monday-

8 killings in Juárez include man with head chopped off


A man was found with his head chopped off in the village of Caseta in the Valley of Juarez.

Chihuahua state police on Tuesday identified the man as 50-year-old Jesus Manuel Gutierrez Gonzalez, whose body was found Monday in a Toyota Camry next to a canal.

Gutierrez appeared to have been tortured and was handcuffed behind his back. The head was later found floating in the sewage canal.

The death was one of eight homicides on Monday, including four people slain at La Cúpula motel in Juárez.

Daniel Ivan Torres Gutierrez, 22, Yolanda Vanessa Torres Fernandez, 23, Brenda Lisette Fernandez Torres, 20, and Jimmy Albert Moreno Macias, 21, were found shot to death Monday evening inside room No. 27 of the motel on Avenida Paseo de la Victoria.

Investigators counted 26 bullet casings from an assault rifle and three 9-mm casings.
also some cool details released of one of the murders last week. a heavilly tortured el paso man was found in the street with his pants pulled down to his ankles, and both chopped off hands laying across his bare chest. an obvious message he was a theif and needed to be humiliated upon death.

of course these acts happen in broad daylight, as they wouldnt be as effective if carried out at night.

MattsMe 09-22-2009 09:08 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread
I will probably be flying to El Paso sometime in the next few weeks for work. I had planned on going south of the border while I was there. This thread makes me think twice.

tony hipchest 09-22-2009 09:46 PM

Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread

Originally Posted by MattsMe (Post 665205)
I will probably be flying to El Paso sometime in the next few weeks for work. I had planned on going south of the border while I was there. This thread makes me think twice.

1) you now need a passport.

2) NOBODY really goes down their for leisure anymore. 5 years ago thousands of high schoolers and college students (amongst 10's of thousands of others) would flock the city for night clubbing and liberal drinking laws.

3) plenty of people used to make the short trip from el paso, cruces, alamogordo just to go to the mercado, and have some good mexican food. shopping was cheap, and fun.

4) i have about 10 employees with dual citizenship who used to go atleast once a month (if not weekly) to visit family, go to the doctor/dentist, buy their prescriptions.

not no more.

5) a donkey show simply isnt worth the risk.

6) if youre white, i dont know if it helps or hurts your chances. the murders are fairly calculated, but it doesnt matter who gets caught in the crossfire. in the past they have actually warned "tourists" to stay away when big hits are planned.

odds say, that if you are simply crossing to go a few blocks in, buy a sombrero, onyx chess, set, wooden puppet, a $15 bottle of oxycontin, $7 bottle of tequilla w/ the worm, and sit in a cantina for a cerveza and taco, you are probably pretty safe.

most of the locals i encounter figure its no longer worth the risk. (which means giving up on some good dog racing tracks, sports betting bars, and strip joints/ BJ shacks). :noidea:

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