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supa_fly_steeler 02-08-2010 05:13 PM

Supa Steeler Journal

My other one crashed, took a few weeks off, now back onto madden with the installation of new cyberfaces, stadiums, field art (field grass, footballs (yea new superbowl logos on the footballs) and other things like uniform updates)

I'm leaning towards repeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 season, then at end of season wait for draft and then ball out from their with the same draft.

Decided to make a new one since my previous thread was in year 4 (2012) and would just be so messy starting back 4 years would get confusing.

My Sliders are the following.


Difficulty                      All-Pro
Slider                        Human  CPU
QB Accuracy                      45    52
Pass Blocking                    33    39
Receiver Catching                48    52
Running Ability                  50    50
Offensive line Run Blocking      42    42
Defensive Awareness              47    73
Defensive line Knockdowns        75    75
Interceptions                      0    0
Defensive Break Blocks            50    50
Tackling                          60    60
Fieldgoal Length                  39    39
Fieldgoal Accuracy                75    95
Punt Length                      50    50
Punt Accuracy                    50    50
Kickoff Length                    56    56

supa_fly_steeler 02-08-2010 08:50 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal
John Russell / Associated Press

Safety Michael Griffin returned his seventh interception of the season for a touchdown to seal the Titans' victory.

When the last time the two teams played was back in week 16 in last seasons regular season finale at LP Field where the Titans routed the Steelers and took the #1 seed and carried home field advantage into the playoffs. It was the first time in the 2008 campaign that the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed a 300 yard game on defence. Ben Roethlisberger commited 4 fumbles and the Steelers fumbled the ball away and the Titans ended up winning 31-17... They locked up the first seed at a record of 13-2 with Pittsburgh trailing 11-4... Fast forward 8 months and it was not the Tennessee Titans who for the first time in 20 years locked up the first seed but the Pittsburgh Steelers and their #1 ranked defense for two straight years are defending Super Bowl Champions.

When the teams clash thursday night for what could refuel a old rivalry from when the teams use to clash in the AFC Central will have plenty of matchups and reminiscing memories from last Decembers trashing, Chris Johnson juking past Troy Polamalu to put the Steelers to bed and Lendale White and Keith Bullock stomping on the terrible towels. Prepare yourself for a hard hitting defensive encounter as the 2008 #1 ranked defence (237.2) will try to outplay the #7 ranked defence (293.6).

Chris Johnson vs Lawrence Timmons
Lawrence Timmons who will start for the first full season of career will have to have a big game tonight. The fast coverage linebacker will be looking to not only stop the run which was ineffective against Tennessee last year but will also have the shadow the one year pro in the open on passing and screen plays. It doesn't get easy for Lawrence Timmons as Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine. He used his deadly speed to amass 1,228 on 251 carries for a 4.9 yard average. In the first game he ever started he rushed 19 times for 109 yards and posses a bigtime threat against the Steelers. Timmons who started twice in the 2008 Super Bowl campaign recorded 5 tackles against Indianapolis it's clear who has the edge as Chris Johnson may cause some havoc if Timmons does not shut him down.

Justin Gage vs William Gay
For the first time in William Gay's 2 year career the best defensive Nickelback of 2008 will handle the starting duties with the departure of Bryan McFadden. It won't be easy for Gay as Justin Gage lined up against the Pittsburgh Steelers best Corner last season in Ike Taylor and recored 5 receptions for 104 yards which included a 34 yard touchdown. William Gay started 4 games last season allowed just 11 recptions for 132 yards and 0 touchdowns. In week 15's encounter for the AFC North divional title between Baltimore had the crucial interception in the endzone which ended the Baltimore Ravens hopes of the #2 seed. Gay totaled 41 tackles and 1 interception and saw significant increase in playing time even when starter Bryan McFadden came back from an injury. Although as impressive as William Gay was Justin Gage gets rightfully the clear edge in this head to head contest.

Jason Jones vs Willie Parker
The last time these teams met Willie ran 19 times for 31 yards for a dismal average of 1.6 yards per carry. On the other hand Jason Jones who filled in for Albert Haynesworth wrecked havoc on the offensive line and Haynesworth was not missed as he recorded 4 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Willie Parker will look to split carries with 1 year pro Rashard Mendenhall. The Steelers will need to run the ball far more consistently this year if they want to defend their title appropriatley. It is not certain the 2008 Defense will be just as good and carry them through the season. The advantage goes to Tennessee.

Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Much could be said about this matchup. Alot will be said afterwards as one of the powerhouses in the AFC Conference will start 0-1. No team that starts 0-1 has ever gone on to win the Super Bowl, let alone win it. The Steelers have a pretty easy schedule and the only hard games will come against Balitmore, Green Bay and Minnesota and Tennessee who they will duel with later this week. If the Steelers win tonight it could implement them as serious contenders for another playoff run. The advantage overall goes to Pittsburgh with crowd advantage and the fact that no defending World Champion has lost it's opening game since the Kickoff game came into place a couple of years back.

Ones to Watch For
  • Santonio Holmes
  • Kenny Britt
  • Mike Wallace
  • Jason Jones
  • Chris Johnson
  • Troy Polamalu
  • Rashard Mendenhall

supa_fly_steeler 02-09-2010 02:31 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Last Time These Teams Met:In week 16 of last years season (2008) the Titans dismantled the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-31. The game was much closer than the score illuminates the stat sheet.

Series Lead:The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the overall series 28-29 against the Tennessee Titans (Including Houston Oilers).

Prediction:Tennessee Titans 13-17 Pittsburgh Steelers.

supa_fly_steeler 02-09-2010 03:00 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Super Bowl MVP Ready for new season

When the Steelers kickoff the first game of the season infront of the whole of the National Football League they will be trying to show the league something they did not just three years back. A serious threat at another title run. The whole Steelers locker room are vocal of how they cannot play like they did back during the 2006 season.

Hines Ward has already told press that he does not think the Steelers will have such bad performences that they would go less than anything under 10-6. Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes was more vocal speaking to the press "I want to havea career high setting season at least 1000 plus yards and 10 touchdowns" That would be enough for him to be voted to the Pro Bowl but his performence alone won't get them back into the Post Season. Their defence took a considerable slide during the 2006 season after just allowing 284.0 Yards Per Game and 16.1 Poins Per Game they slipped considerably to the 9th ranked defense giving up 300.3 Yards Per Game and 19.7 Per Game. The only good thing about that year was Willie Parkers performence averaging 4.4 yards per play and piled up 1,494 at the end of the year coupled with 13 touchdowns earned him a Pro Bowl Appearence.

When the Steelers run out for the first time since 2006 as the National Football League and American Football Conference Champions they will need to make a statement and brush aside the Titans to make them look serious title contenders.

supa_fly_steeler 02-09-2010 06:16 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Pittsburgh outlast Titanic Tennessee
Santonio Holmes gets past Cortland Finnegan on a screen pass for the touchdown

Box Score 03 - 03 - 00 - 03- 13 00 - 03 - 00 - 06- 20


It was over when...
With 1:51 left in the 4th Quarter and trailing 13-17 The Titans dropped two straight passes on third and fourth down which gave the ball back to Pittsburgh for the win.

Game Ball
Ben Roethlisberger threw for 200 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

Key Stat
The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans locked horns in a defensive battle...The Titans got 260 total yards whilst the Steelers had 230 yards. The Steelers limited Chris Johnson to 69 yards with an average of 2.9 average...

Ike Taylor had an interception but was negated due to a holding penalty the Titans got a field goal out of the penalty... Ben Roethlisberger embarked on his 20th career comeback drive.

Next Week
The 1-0 Pittsburgh Steelers travel to the Windy City of Chicago to face the 1-0 Chicago Bears... The 0-1 Tennessee Titans host the 0-1 Houston Texans

supa_fly_steeler 02-09-2010 06:21 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal
NFL Kickoff 2009 Photos

Mike Wallace catches the game winning touchdown pass with 2 minutes left

Chris Johnson runs for 69 yards in the NFL Kickoff Game

Rashard Mendenhall is hammered and left the game with a bruised elbow

The view of Heinz Field before the start of the 2009 season

supa_fly_steeler 02-09-2010 06:57 PM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal
Mike Tomlin NFL Kickoff 2009 Press Conference


Mike Tomlin:Good Evening. I felt we played a good effective ball game tonight. I thought it was a great game. Style Points don't matter this was a game down to the wire that we thought it would be, we respect the Titans for the game they put up tonight we realise as defending World Champions each team will be gunning for us, we have something to prove each week we can overcome certain adversity and get back into the playoffs

Question:The game tonight can we tell anything about Troy Polamalu's injury that let to a 2nd quarter crumble?

Mike Tomlin:Troy suffered a bruised skull injury, of course he came back into the game and was a factor all night. It didn't look bad so after the half he came back in. The diagnosis was a throbbing pain, something we will look into next week and see if he can play against the Chicago Bears.

Question:What happened to Rashard Mendenhall, he looked good bursting through the hole tonight. What is his injury diagnosis?

Mike Tomlin:Rashard suffered a bruised elbow and we felt that we needed to pull him out of the game. Willie Parker did a good job.

Question:Why did the run not work and why you ran it only 18 times to nearly 40 passes?

Mike Tomlin:The Titans did a nice job of shutting us down on the run and even the pass, we were forced into a one dimensional team, we need to have better preperation against Chicago and future teams so we can dig ourselves out of the hole and not rely on the defense. The Titans had alot more possesion tonight but i felt our defense did equally good job. A successful night on all three phases of the game.

Question:Your defense had major holes when Troy Polamalu was off the field giving up 90 of the 180 some total yards Vince Young and Kerry Collins threw?

Mike Tomlin:Troy's a special player ya know some stuff he does is surreal and there is no real replacement for him so we had to hang in there, again we need better preperation and i thought overall our defense did a pretty good job just conceding 13 points.

Mike Tomlin:Ya know i hope the Madden Curse Doesn't kick in.

Random Reporter:*Laughs*

Mike Tomlin:Whats funny are you laughing at my boy Troy, you wanna smack?

Random Reporter:No i'm sorry it's just nerves and surprisement.

Mike Tomlin:Well then shut up and get out. I'm sorry there was a slight disruption in the process and please proceed if any questions.

Question:The Titans had 4 redzone attempts to your 1. They only had 1 redzone touchdown was that a big time play by the defense?

Question:Of course our defense stepped up when it needed it was critical at times. I felt when we blitzed it was effective.

Question:On the final drive that led to a 23 yard touchdown to Rookie Mike Wallace who called the plays?7

Mike Tomlin:He recieved the calls from the sideline, when he went no huddle of course it was Ben calling them.

Question:On the development of Mike Wallace

Mike Tomlin:He's a sure thing. A reliable guy still learning he played a great ball game today and we anticipate what things he may be able to do this season as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Question:What has happened to Limas Sweed

Mike Tomlin:He did not participate tonight due to personal problems mixed in with his work ethnic i though it was best he was dressed but scratched.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for the questions.

supa_fly_steeler 02-10-2010 08:55 AM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Ben Roethlisberger and the Defending World Champions travel to Chicago, Illinois to visit the 1-0 Chicago Bears. In 11 Visits to Soldier Field the Pittsburgh Steelers have only won once.

Weather Conditions:
Mild, Mostly Cloudy around 60 ℉, May Rain during intervals of the game. May also have spells of sunshine.

Last Time These Teams Met: In the 2005 Season In a snowy atmosphere, the Steelers snapped their three-game losing streak by ending the Bears' eight-game winning run. Jerome Bettis churned through the snow and mud for a season-high 101 rushing yards, scoring twice and famously running over Jerome Bettis

Series Lead: The Chicago Bears lead the series 7-16-1. In 11 Visits to Soldier Field the Steelers have only won once.

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 17-23 Chicago Bears

supa_fly_steeler 02-10-2010 09:14 AM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Tenneessee Titans 13 - 20 Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday Noon
Jacksonville Jaguars 10 - 40 Indianapolis Colts
Detroit Lions 3 - 20 New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles 20 - 10 Caronlina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys 41 - 34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Jets 21 - 17 Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs 28 - 38 Baltimore Ravens
Denver Broncos 44 - 28 Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings 34 - 24 Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins 17 - 21 Atlanta Falcons

Sunday Afternoon
Washington Redskins 17 - 13 New York Giants
San Francisco 49ers 24 - 17 Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Rams 23 - 16 Seattle Seahawks

NBC Sunday Night
Chicago Bears 13 - 7 Green Bay Packers

ESPN Monday Night
Buffalo Bills 12 - 20 New England Patriots
San Diego Chargers 29 - 13 Oakland Raiders

supa_fly_steeler 02-10-2010 10:30 AM

Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Chicago Upset Pittsburgh
Devin Hester tries to run past Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback William Gay

Box Score 03 - 03 - 00 - 00- 6 00 - 07 - 00 - 07- 14


It was over when...
With 1:51 left in the 4th Quarter and trailing Ben Roethlisberger on fourth down completed a 20 yard pass to Mike Wallace but was brought down inches before the first down giving Chicago the ball back for the win.

Game Ball
Charles Tillman intercepted Ben Roethlisberger in the final minute of the second quarter and took it back to change momentum and put Chicago Up 6-7 at the break.

Key Stat
The Pittsburgh Steelers had 2 turnovers, Ben Roethlisberger threw a pick six and also threw an interception in the endzone. In the first Quarter the Steelers made the redzone three times but only came away once with 3 points.

Troy Polamalu was a major factor helping the Steelers stop Chicago to run for only 12 yards the entire game, he also had an interception in Pittsburgh Territory.

Next Week
The 1-1 Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Cincinnati to face Ocho Cinco and the 1-1 Cincinnati Bengals...

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