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SteelersFever 03-15-2010 03:06 AM

User Infraction System Information
I forgot to post this here when I made the global announcement not that long ago. Anyway, here it is for your reference.

OK guys and gals, it's been brought to our attention that we're being too tolerant with the rules and to combat this we have implemented a stricter and more efficient User Infraction System that the Moderators and Administrators will be enforcing.

What is the User Infraction System?

The User Infraction System is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users. This announcement is provided to inform you how this system will be used to enforce our Laws of the Land.

*The infraction system works off points. If you accumulate a specific number of points, various banning actions will be automatically taken.

*If the staff believe you have violated one of our forum policies, they will issue you a warning or an infraction. If you receive an infraction, first you will get an automatic PM from the Moderator or Administrator that issued you the infraction. This PM will have an explanation of what we believe you violated, which infraction you have received, and the point value (if applicable).

*There are times we may feel that a warning is best suited for a certain situation. Warnings do not carry point values. If the infraction issued was not a warning, your point value will go up by a set number of points depending on the violation. Each infraction you receive has a expiration time. Once an infraction expires, it is removed from your account but will still remain visible to the staff for records.

*Each infraction can also extend the duration of the expiration time of another infraction. A member will receive an extended expiration time if given a second (or more) infraction that matches the existing active infraction. For example: Say you have received an infraction for a Personal Attack that has an expiration time of 60 days. Then say two hours later you get another Personal Attack infraction. The second infractions expiration time will be added to the first. So, instead of waiting 60 days, you now have to wait 120 days for the infraction to expire.

How is the User Infraction System set up?
We have 17 categories for infractions:

Avatar Violation
Signature Violation
Duplicate Threads
Excessive Posting
Thread Bumping
Inappropriate Language
Inappropriate Material
Inappropriate Post
Bullying New Members
Country Bashing
Illegal Content
Multiple Accounts
Personal Attack
Spammed Advertisements
Troll Baiting
General Baiting

Each infraction has the following point values and expiration times.

2 Points - Avatar Violation (expires in 60 days)
2 Points - Signature Violation (expires in 60 days)
3 Points - Duplicate Threads (expires in 60 days)
3 Points - Excessive Posting (expires in 60 days)
3 Points - Thread Bumping (expires in 60 days)
4 Points - Inappropriate Language (expires in 60 days)
4 Points - Inappropriate Material (expires in 60 days)
4 Points - Inappropriate Post (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Bullying New Members (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Country Bashing (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Flaming (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Illegal Content (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Multiple Accounts (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Personal Attack (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Spammed Advertisements (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - Troll Baiting (expires in 60 days)
5 Points - General Baiting (expires in 60 days)

What happens when I get a certain amount of points?

If you accumulate enough points actions will be taken. Below is a list of point values and their respective action.

9 points - 3 Day Account Suspension
14 points - 7 Day Account Suspension
19 points - 2 Week Account Suspension
24 points - Permanent Account Termination

I have an infraction, where can I view them?

*Go to your UserCP and all infraction information will be displayed on the first page.

*You will also see a quick view of your infraction information under your post count number in all posts that you create. Only you, Moderators, and Administrators can see your infractions. This line is only displayed if you have active infractions on your account.


Infractions: 0/1 (5)
The numbers are 'warnings', 'infractions' and your point total, respectively.


Infraction categories, point values, restriction levels, and expiration values are all subject to review, removal, and/or addition(s) at any time.

Depending on the severity of an offense, an automatic account suspension or termination may result! Make sure to review our Laws of the Land.


We hope you understand this system is in place to help us manage and maintain a friendly and professional environment throughout Steelers Fever.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the forums!

steelerdude15 03-16-2010 02:36 AM

Re: User Infraction System Information
I like this new added security! Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

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