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theSteeler 02-07-2006 12:20 AM

The Torch Has Been Passed
As I paced back and forth like a caged lion at Shootz Cafe at only 2:30 pm, I started to remember the long walk back to my tailgate at Reinholds after the devestating loss to the Bungl--sorry, Bengals (old habits are hard to break). Amidst the quiet crowd and lowered heads, there, in the middle of the street lay a lonely Terrible Towel, drenched and dirty, being ran over by every other car passing by. I ran out into that street and retrieved the Towel, pocketing it alongside the Towel I had used for many years.

The ride back home was tough, especially listening to the talk shows smash the Steelers over and over. When i got home, I put my Towel on the mantle, and preceded to wash the abandoned Towel I had found.

The following day I had awakened with the sting of the loss still deep inside my heart, let's admit it, the outlook was bleak and we needed alotta help if we were to turn things around. Before heading to work, I went downstairs to check on the condition of the Towel. To my surprise, that muddy ugly little Towel from yesterday, a clear representation of the state of the Steelers, was again a vibrant Steeler Gold Towel, that looked fresh as the day it had been made. As the week went on, that sick feeling I had began to change to a determination to face the challenges that my team were to face and to go down fighting with them, win or lose.

The following week, the old Towel was left to stay on the mantle, and the once abandoned Towel had been chosen to accompany me to take on the Bears...and along my side it remained every game since...from that cold and snowy day vs Chicago, to the Shootz Cafe in South Side...

My heart was pounding as I watched the resolve on Joey Porter's face during the National Anthem. Early on, it showed clearly that Ben and the boys had come out a little nervous, but like great teams do, they found a way to just bend--not break. That pass Ben made to Hines will go down in Super Bowl lore forever...and it showed the Seahawks that the Steelers weren't as asleep as they bad as we played, there we were with a
7-3 lead at halftime.

The second half started off as good as you could wish for as Fast Willie Parker blew by the Seahawks defense like Sonny Crocket in his car of the week in MIAMI Vice (forshadowing anyone?)...then, there we were, 6 yards away from a 21-3 lead, beer in my hand, and a girl that I had just met kissing my neck and grabbing my a$$, and I'm thinking, can THIS get any better...then GAAA, what the hell was that? It was like the Colts play all over again!!

Soon, what could have been a 21-3 lead had been cut to 14-10, and just like that, there were the Seahawks knocking on the door God, I thought, we ain't going out like that! Talk about a rush of emotions...there is that soft pretzel Stevens catching a pass on the 2 yard line, then a penalty...then a play that true championship teams make...Ike Taylor intercepting Hasselbeck and rambling down the sidelines...the roar of the crowd in Shootz was spinetingling..but nothing like what would occur as Ben handed off to Willie, who handed it to Randle El...down the field...TOUCHDOWN HINES WARD!!! 21-10, 8 agonizing minutes to go...tick...tick...tick...the place was like a shaken champagne bottle, just waiting to blow...Hasselbeck sacked, they gotta punt, Bussie rumbles for 3, Ben for a
1st down...2 minutes left...1 minute...30 I looked outside, the streets were empty...kinda like a crowd at Browns Stadium in the 4th quarter of most of their games...then 3 seconds...2...1...and we are WORLD CHAMPIONS...and those empty streets of 30 seconds ago had been replaced suddenly with thousands running down Carson Street like William Wallace in Braveheart...

All those years of agony, the losses in the AFC Championships, the loss to Dallas in XXX, 26 years of waiting, the "Torch" had finally been passed from our parents generation to ours...this was One for the Thumb, but it was also as Dan Rooney stated, 'One for the One'...this team of warriors, a team of true heart, and a team of destiny had, like the Towel, gone from a dirty washed up item, to the top of the world, and believe me, other than seeing the game in person, there was no other place I would want to be than in the streets of Pittsburgh on this night, as that beautiful gold Towel had been raised and waved in victory amongst Steeler Nation, our dreams had come true...the Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl Champions!

Steelers, I love you, thank you for never learning the word quit.

Bus, you will never be forgotten, you will always be the face of this franchise and I'm proud to have met you.

Ben, remember that feeling from raising the Lombardi Trophy. I kinda think that won't be the last time you'll get that opportunity. In fact, I think i'll join you in person next year in Miami to watch you do it again...Feb 4, 2007...

Coach Cowher, I think we can put to bed any questions about your ability to win big games, eh?

What a year Steeler Nation! Walk proud, raise your hands with one finger pointing #1 high to the sky...we are once again the City of Champions!
"We are traveling a path right now that no one else has been on. However you want to view that, it will be a big challenge for us. But we certainly aren?t going to let history dictate our journey. As I told the players a lot of times, your journey can make history. That?s kind of the mindset that we have"--Coach Cowher

83-Steelers-43 02-07-2006 01:23 AM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
Beautiful. Well stated. My hats off to the Steelers organization and to you sir for the inspiring and feel good thread. Good job.

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bozz723 02-07-2006 06:19 AM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
Basically summed up my night as well. That cincinnatti loss just hurt so bad. I checked every single playoff scenario at least 727 times...and I LOVED our chances to get in. I knew we were handing games away all year and I knew, once in the playoffs, we would win. We were just too damn good.

Such a magical night, and those girls kissing your neck just top the whole thing off. I know the Steelers SHOULD win the superbowl every year, but I still can't believe we got the whole thing done. It is almost as if one of my life's goals has been accomplished. I had tears of joy, and was soked in champagne...I can't wait for the parade...which is in 5 hours.


70c10 02-07-2006 07:13 AM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
PLEASE tell me you posters are NOT men. Not trying to be a prick but real men don't post like this.:dang:

bozz723 02-07-2006 09:00 AM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed

Originally Posted by 70c10
PLEASE tell me you posters are NOT men. Not trying to be a prick but real men don't post like this.:dang:

YES, real men do. REAL men are in touch with their feelings and speak the truth. AND I LOVE THE MOTHER****IN STEELERS SON.:boxing:

83-Steelers-43 02-07-2006 12:50 PM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
06' Champions Baby....WOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

FisherMOM 02-07-2006 12:54 PM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
GREAT POST STEELER!!!!! Ain't it the TRUTH!!?!?!?!

Nicely written!

BlitzburghRockCity 02-07-2006 01:06 PM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
So I suppose your gonna say that Hines wasnt a real man when he cried last year for Jerome after we lost the AFCGG..

NOT ! Our fans love the back n gold, and we feel it deep down in our hearts !!! :tt:

theSteeler 02-07-2006 07:46 PM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
Pittsburgh really is the definition of loyalty...the Penguins are having a horrible season that seems to be getting worse by the night, yet 16,000 still show up in defiance to watch Sid and the next generation almost every home game. I'm sure that this year is just one of those times where Murphys Law came down hard on the Penguins...they will reward this city's loyalty sooner rather than later...

...then there are the Pirates, who have been as pathetic as the Bengals franchise, but we have been there every year, and I think this might be the year where we make a move towards being takers instead of givers come trade deadline time...

...which leads me to the World Champions. Our generation has known nothing but heartbreak year in and year out. 4 AFC Championship losses at home, a devestating loss to Dallas in XXX when everyone including the Cowboys knew there a$$es were ours had Neil's pass not been intercepted. Steeler Nation is a priveledge that many envy...everywhere you travel you see a Steeler Fan, and they are proud to tell you they bleed Black & Gold, from Chicago, to Toronto, to Cancun, Mexico. This was a victory that signals a new era in Steeler Nation, an era where we can brag about the 70's and the greatest dynasty ever, but now we have claim to something no one, not ESPN, Fox, or that fat walrus Mike Holmgren can take away from us: The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers are the Super Bowl Champions. The generation who waited for so long has finally been rewarded.

It's gonna be one hell of a summer...enjoy it while you can...July is not too far away.

melroseplace 02-07-2006 11:11 PM

Re: The Torch Has Been Passed
very well said :smile:

oh and thanks for rescuing that Terrible Towel. no Towel should ever experience anything like that

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