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Riddle_Of_Steel 11-26-2010 04:55 PM

B.O. & Noshowstinko

T.O. needs to worry about his own abortion of a 2-8 team before he goes calling anybody else "soft". He might also want to listen up to what his own Bengals fans are saying on the internet about he and #85....he isn't being viewed in a very positive light.

Another poster over on CBS (STEEL-THE-ONE, thank you for this list) compiled this list of Bengals fans comments of late....make sure you aren't drinking anything before you start reading or you might end up spraying your computer screen.

I don't usually plagiarize another poster's hard work, but these are some real knee-slappers that all Steelers fans should be able to enjoy.


"T.O. is a perfect mouth-piece for our Bengals, all show and no go."

"Soft is not going after a ball because you're going to get hit and letting it go by you for an interception.

The side-show continues.....oh how I long for a team of football players and not reality TV stars."

"TO meant to say the only soft thing that he has seen this whole year was Andre Smith's middle section. This is why no fans should be going to any games, we have IDIOTS on this team and have had them since 1991 due to the Circus Ring Leader in Mikey Boy bringing them to the Big Top!"

"When you're arguably the worst team in football you have to say outlandish things to keep your name out there. I don't know if Big Ben is soft, he stands in the pocket pretty well if you ask me. Sure he hit the turf but Seymour knocked the taste out of his mouth lol. The bottomline is the Steelers are going to the playoffs (again) and the Bengals are not (again). TO and BozoCinco can go vie for the love of 12 trannies on VH1. Leave the football to players that give a ****"

"Nothing like the number 1 and number 3 Wide outs on a 2-8 team, talking smack about a QB with 2 Superbowl rings.

Today Chad was talking about how great the Bat Man and Robin duo has been and how theJets DB's will have their hands full.

I wouldn't mind listening to Owens and Noshowcinco if they were at least both wearing big frizzy wigs, red noses and clown shoes.

At least then it would all match up."

"I don't like Ben at all, but i respect how he never gives up on a play and that play he got punched in the face on proved it.. I was actually optimistic about TO coming here, but of course he and Chad proved me wrong when I thought this year might actually not be a circus, but it is. TO is soft because easy balls thrown to him seem to fall straight through his hands when he hears some foot steps behind him (same with Chad). I thinks he's pathetic for calling Ben soft...."

"By soft do you think he means 2 and 8 soft, or 7 and 3 soft?
To me it looks like Ben does some acting to make sure he gets the call. I really don't think he was as stunned as he acted. That being said though, one big reason the Bengals will always struggle is because they continue to put up with players like OchoStinko and B.O. Don't those two mental midgets have a game to be prepping for instead of worrying about the hit that someone on a winning team took?
It kills me that this city puts up with guys like these. Maybe we can have Bootsy Collins write a song about the underwhelming duo. That is usually what we do around the 14th game of the season when they win a couple."

"What a shame someone hasn't ko these two clowns yet? The chances of these two idiots even getting a cuncussion is because neither one has a brain. The shame is "wasted talent" please do Cincinnati a favor and leave, if it would not been for Mikey Brown TO would not be playing. this season as no body else wanted the trouble maker so when u leave take a few others with u like "stinko" and the guy that fired u!"

"The Bengals continue to lose and run their mouths while the Steelers continue to pound their opponents and keep their mouth shut. I'm not a Steelers fan and dislike Ben, but to call him soft when he takes big hits every game is pathetic on TO's part."

"You want to see a definition of soft = Chad catching a ball and going fetal position on the ground before anyone can touch him, or TO reaching with alligator arms to catch a ball because he doesn't want to extend because he knows he will get blown up.......yeah Ben is soft?....kettle,pot?"

"I believe "soft" would be a case of alligator arms and stopping on routes in order to avoid hits.

Roethlisberger, for what it's worth, takes a tremendous number of shots per game... "

"Wow soft that is why it takes three defensive linemen to sack him, oh and by the way he has two things TO will never have. SUPER BOWL RINGS.

I would take Ben over numbre 9 any day anytime. He does what he has to for the "W" that is what its all about."

"I'd prefer to have Big Ben rather than the TO and Ocho joke."

"Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger is busy polishing his two Super Bowl rings."

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