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SteelSurf 02-06-2011 04:05 PM

Holmgren coached teams Crybaby Tour
Honestly. Why is it that every team Mike Holmgren has coached been infused with a sniffly,whining,insufferable crybaby and 'blame it on someone else' persona?

Examples from Weephawks: "Sniffle sniffle cry cry.It's the ref's fault we lost"
Examples from Green Bay Packer fans: "Waaaaaa. The Steelers are Cheap Shot artists! They might hurt our Quarterback! They are mean! We want a more feminized game of Football,like the Patriots!"
Examples from Browns: The Harrison hits on Mass and Cribbs to leave just a couple.

This is NOT smack! My Foundational evidence of which, can be found in Fact..(blame my law school education for my wording) Sadly, One trip over to some of the Packers boards can find some Steelers fans from here,"Apologizing for Steeler fans." I $hit you not! Not sure what these hosers were apologizing for, because at one forum, I have been a member since '07 and the only smack I saw this month was from Packer fans to the Steeler Nation..Which they are very much entitled to do on their own boards! They Own that right. More power to them.

There are a few of you Steeler fans here (you know who you are), who I have personally revoked your Man Cards. In your self absorbed over exaggerated opinion of yourselves and your self righteous indignation by electing yourselves as high holiness and emissary of the Steeler Nation, you misrepresented who we are.
I don't speak for anyone but myself. That being said, I was disgusted by some of your comments.

A Big Hat Tip and Salute to LongtimeFan- the Admin of the Packer Forum,TMC of the Steeler Nation and all the Stiller fans who represented the Steeler Nation well over there.

/Rant over

SteelCityMom 02-06-2011 04:31 PM

Re: Holmgren coached teams Crybaby Tour
I followed the little tiff between SN, SU and the Packers forum. I really don't know why you're bringing that crap here and pointing fingers at posters here.

I also don't know why you felt the need to insert it into a different topic altogether in you post.

If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them personally. Don't make it a board issue here. Just not cool.

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