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saint0917 02-13-2011 08:00 AM

The "Today in History..." Thread
Today is Sunday, Feb. 13, the 44th day of 2011. There are 321 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

On Feb. 13, 1861, Abraham Lincoln was officially declared winner of the 1860 presidential election as electors cast their ballots.

On this date:

In 1542, the fifth wife of England's King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, was executed for adultery.

In 1914, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, known as ASCAP, was founded in New York.

In 1920, the League of Nations recognized the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland.

In 1935, a jury in Flemington, N.J. found Bruno Richard Hauptmann guilty of first-degree murder in the kidnap-slaying of the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. (Hauptmann was later executed.)

In 1945, during World War II, Allied planes began bombing the German city of Dresden. The Soviets captured Budapest, Hungary, from the Germans.

In 1960, France exploded its first atomic bomb, in the Sahara Desert.

In 1961, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced that three statues in its collection, supposedly Etruscan terra cotta warriors, were, in fact, forgeries.

In 1980, the 13th Winter Olympics opened in Lake Placid, N.Y.

In 1988, the 15th winter Olympics opened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

In 1991, during Operation Desert Storm, allied warplanes destroyed an underground shelter in Baghdad that had been identified as a military command center; Iraqi officials said 500 civilians were killed.

Ten years ago: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook El Salvador, killing at least 315 people, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, one month to the day after another quake killed more than 800 people. Ivan Lendl was elected to the tennis Hall of Fame along with Mervyn Rose, an Australian star from the 1950s.

Five years ago: Auditors reported that millions of dollars in Hurricane Katrina disaster aid had been squandered, paying for such items as a $450 tattoo and $375-dollar-a-day beachfront condos. Joey Cheek won the men's 500 meters, giving the United States its second speedskating gold medal of the Turin Games. Hannah Teter won gold and Gretchen Bleiler won silver in the halfpipe. Tatiana Totmianina (taht-YAH'nah toht-MYEH'-ni-nuh) and Maxim Marinin won the gold medal in pairs figure skating, extending Russia's four-decade dominance of the event.

One year ago: President Barack Obama delivered a video address to the 7th U.S.-Islamic World Forum meeting in Doha, Qatar, as part of his continuing effort to repair strained U.S. relations with the world's Muslims. Hannah Kearney won the women's moguls for first U.S. gold medal in the Olympic Games. Apolo Anton Ohno won the silver medal in the short-track 1,500-meter speedskating final, to tie Bonnie Blair as the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian.

Today's Birthdays: Former test pilot Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager is 88. Actress Kim Novak is 78. Actor George Segal is 77. Actress Carol Lynley is 69. Singer-musician Peter Tork (The Monkees) is 69. Actress Stockard Channing is 67. Talk show host Jerry Springer is 67. Actor Bo Svenson is 67. Singer Peter Gabriel is 61. Actor David Naughton is 60. Rock musician Peter Hook is 55. Actor Matt Salinger is 51. Singer Henry Rollins is 50. Actor Neal McDonough is 45. Singer Freedom Williams is 45. Actress Kelly Hu is 43. Rock musician Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down) is 39. Singer Robbie Williams is 37. Rhythm-and-blues performer Natalie Stewart is 32. Actress Mena Suvari (MEE'-nuh soo-VAHR'-ee) is 32.

Thought for Today: "The world has no sympathy with any but positive griefs; it will pity you for what you lose, but never for what you lack." Anne Sophie Swetchine, Russian-French author (1782-1857).

saint0917 02-14-2011 11:08 AM

Today in History February
Today is Monday, Feb. 14, the 45th day of 2011. There are 320 days left in the year. This is Valentine's Day.

Today's Highlight in History:

On Feb. 14, 1961, the radioactive element lawrencium was first synthesized at the University of California, Berkeley.

On this date:

In 1778, the American ship Ranger carried the recently adopted Stars and Stripes to a foreign port for the first time as it arrived in France.

In 1859, Oregon was admitted to the Union as the 33rd state.

In 1895, Oscar Wilde's final play, "The Importance of Being Earnest," opened at the St. James's Theatre in London.

In 1903, the Department of Commerce and Labor was established. (It was divided into separate departments of Commerce and Labor in 1913.)

In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state of the Union.

In 1920, the League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago; its first president was Maud Wood Park.

In 1929, the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" took place in a Chicago garage as seven rivals of Al Capone's gang were gunned down.

In 1941, "Reflections in a Golden Eye" by Carson McCullers was first published.

In 1979, Adolph Dubs, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, was kidnapped in Kabul by Muslim extremists and killed in a shootout between his abductors and police.

In 1989, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie, author of "The Satanic Verses," a novel condemned as blasphemous.

Ten years ago: A Palestinian crashed a bus into Israeli soldiers and civilians standing at a bus stop in Azur, Israel, killing eight. (The driver, Khalil Abu Olbeh, was later sentenced to eight life terms.) The Kansas Board of Education approved new science standards restoring evolution to the state's curriculum.

Five years ago: Attorney Harry Whittington, the man accidentally shot by Vice President Dick Cheney, suffered a mild heart attack when a shotgun pellet traveled to his heart, but he later recovered. Iran said it had resumed uranium enrichment; Russia and France immediately called on Iran to halt its work. At Turin, American Ted Ligety (LIHG'-eh-tee) won Olympic gold in men's combined skiing, while Bode (BOH'-dee) Miller was disqualified for straddling a gate.

One year ago: The Americans broke through the Nordic combined barrier at Vancouver, winning their first Olympic medal in the sport dominated since its inception by the Europeans. Jamie McMurray won the Daytona 500. The Eastern Conference edged the West 141-139 in the NBA All-Star game played in Arlington, Texas. Larry Ellison's space-age trimaran completed a two-race sweep in the 33rd America's Cup. Death claimed best-selling British author Dick Francis at age 89 and Doug Fieger, leader of the power pop band The Knack, at age 57.

Today's Birthdays: TV personality Hugh Downs is 90. Actress-singer Florence Henderson is 77. Actor Andrew Prine is 75. Country singer Razzy Bailey is 72. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is 69. Jazz musician Maceo Parker is 68. Movie director Alan Parker is 67. Journalist Carl Bernstein is 67. Former Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) is 64. TV personality Pat O'Brien is 63. Magician Teller (Penn and Teller) is 63. Cajun singer-musician Michael Doucet (doo-SAY') (Beausoleil) is 60. Actor Ken Wahl is 54. Opera singer Renee Fleming is 52. Actress Meg Tilly is 51. Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is 51. Singer-producer Dwayne Wiggins is 50. Actor Enrico Colantoni is 48. Actor Zach Galligan is 47. Actor Valente Rodriguez is 47. Rock musician Ricky Wolking (The Nixons) is 45. Tennis player Manuela Maleeva is 44. Actor Simon Pegg is 41. Rock musician Kevin Baldes (Lit) is 39. Rock singer Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) is 39. Actor Matt Barr is 27. Actress Tiffany Thornton is 25. Actor Freddie Highmore is 19.

Thought for Today: "A life without love is like a year without summer." Swedish proverb.

tony hipchest 02-14-2011 11:28 AM

Re: Today in History February
today on this day 20 years ago the bengals sucked.

still do.

Farrior_roirraW 02-14-2011 11:45 AM

Re: Today in History February

Originally Posted by tony hipchest (Post 921261)
today on this day 20 years ago the bengals sucked.

still do.


saint0917 02-15-2011 07:13 AM

Today in History February 15
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 15, the 46th day of 2011. There are 319 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

On Feb. 15, 1961, 73 people, including an 18-member U.S. figure skating team en route to the World Championships in Czechoslovakia, were killed in the crash of a Sabena Airlines Boeing 707 in Belgium.

On this date:

In 1764, the city of St. Louis was established by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau.

In 1820, American suffragist Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Mass.

In 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court.

In 1898, the U.S. battleship Maine mysteriously blew up in Havana Harbor, killing more than 260 crew members and bringing the United States closer to war with Spain.

In 1933, President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt escaped an assassination attempt in Miami that mortally wounded Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak; gunman Giuseppe Zangara was executed more than four weeks later.

In 1942, the British colony Singapore surrendered to the Japanese during World War II.

In 1944, Allied bombers destroyed the monastery atop Monte Cassino (MAWN'-tay kah-SEE'-noh) in Italy.

In 1965, Canada's new maple-leaf flag was unfurled in ceremonies in Ottawa.

In 1971, Britain and Ireland "decimalised" their currencies, making one pound equal to 100 pence instead of 240 pence.

In 1989, the Soviet Union announced that the last of its troops had left Afghanistan, after more than nine years of military intervention.

Ten years ago: President George W. Bush said the Pentagon should review its policy on civilian participation in military exercises like the emergency ascent drill a Navy submarine was performing when it collided with and sank a Japanese fishing vessel off Hawaii. Hans-Joachim Klein, a former German terrorist, was sentenced to nine years in prison by a German court for killing three people in a 1975 attack on an OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria.

Five years ago: Vice President Dick Cheney accepted blame for accidentally shooting a hunting companion, calling it "one of the worst days of my life," but was defiantly unapologetic in a Fox News Channel interview about not publicly disclosing the accident until the next day. Testifying before the Senate, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff acknowledged delayed aid and fumbled coordination in the federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

One year ago: Eighteen people were killed when two trains collided south of Brussels, Belgium. At the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Didier Defago (DIH'-dee-ay dih-FAH'-goh) of Switzerland won the gold in the Olympic downhill and American Bode (BOH'-dee) Miller took the bronze. American Seth Wescott defended his Olympic title, overtaking Canada's Mike Robertson to win the gold medal in men's snowboardcross.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Allan Arbus is 93. Former Illinois Congressman John Anderson is 89. Former Defense and Energy Secretary James Schlesinger is 82. Actress Claire Bloom is 80. Author Susan Brownmiller is 76. Songwriter Brian Holland is 70. Rock musician Mick Avory (The Kinks) is 67. Jazz musician Henry Threadgill is 67. Actress Jane Seymour is 60. Singer Melissa Manchester is 60. Actress Lynn Whitfield is 58. "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening (GREE'-ning) is 57. Model Janice Dickinson is 56. Actor Christopher McDonald is 56. Reggae singer Ali Campbell is 52. Actor Joseph R. Gannascoli is 52. Musician Mikey Craig (Culture Club) is 51. College and Pro Football Hall of Famer Darrell Green is 51. Country singer Michael Reynolds (Pinmonkey) is 47. Actor Michael Easton is 44. Rock musician Stevie Benton (Drowning Pool) is 40. Actress Renee O'Connor is 40. Actress Sarah Wynter is 38. Rock singer Brandon Boyd (Incubus) is 35. Rock musician Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers) is 35. Actress Ashley Lyn Cafagna is 28. Actress Amber Riley (TV: "Glee") is 25.

Thought for Today: "Fools act on imagination without knowledge, pedants act on knowledge without imagination." Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher (born this date in 1861, died 1947).

tony hipchest 02-15-2011 09:49 AM

Re: Today in History February 15
today on this day, 20 years ago, the bengals sucked.

they still do.

tony hipchest 02-15-2011 09:52 AM

Re: Today in History February 15
saint0917, your history threads contain some interesting factoids, but to avoid having 300+ separate threads cluttering up the locker room by next year im gonna consolidate them into 1 thread for you.

saint0917 02-17-2011 07:11 AM

Today in History February 17
Today is Thursday, Feb. 17, the 48th day of 2011. There are 317 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

On Feb. 17, 1801, the U.S. House of Representatives broke an electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, electing Jefferson president; Burr became vice president.

On this date:

In 1809, the Ohio legislature voted to establish Miami University in present-day Oxford. (The school opened in 1824.)

In 1864, during the Civil War, the Union ship USS Housatonic was rammed and sunk in Charleston Harbor, S.C., by the Confederate hand-cranked submarine HL Hunley, which also sank.

In 1865, Columbia, S.C., burned as the Confederates evacuated and Union forces moved in. (It's not clear which side set the blaze.)

In 1897, the forerunner of the National PTA, the National Congress of Mothers, convened its first meeting, in Washington.

In 1904, the original two-act version of Giacomo Puccini's (JAH'-koh-moh poo-CHEE'-neez) opera "Madama Butterfly" was poorly received at its premiere at La Scala in Milan, Italy.

In 1947, the Voice of America began broadcasting to the Soviet Union.

In 1959, the United States launched Vanguard 2, a satellite which carried meteorological equipment on board.

In 1964, the Supreme Court, in Wesberry v. Sanders, ruled that congressional districts within each state had to be roughly equal in population.

In 1972, President Richard M. Nixon departed on his historic trip to China.

In 1986, Johnson & Johnson announced it would no longer sell over-the-counter medications in capsule form, following the death of a woman who had taken a cyanide-laced Tylenol capsule.

Ten years ago: Former Nation of Islam official Khalid Abdul Muhammad, known for his harsh rhetoric about Jews and whites, died at a hospital in Marietta, Ga., at age 53.

Five years ago: Ten U.S. service members died when a pair of Marine Corps helicopters crashed off the coast of Africa. Harry Whittington, the lawyer shot by Vice President Dick Cheney while quail hunting, left a Corpus Christi, Texas, hospital, saying "accidents do and will happen." A federal jury in New Orleans cleared Merck and Co. in the death of a 53-year-old Florida man who'd taken the painkiller Vioxx. A mudslide in the Philippines killed more than 1,000 people. William Cowsill, lead singer of the family band The Cowsills, died in Calgary, Alberta at age 58.

One year ago: President Barack Obama marked the one-year anniversary of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, saying it had staved off another Great Depression and kept up to 2 million people on the job. Eight American missionaries charged with child kidnapping in Haiti were released after nearly three weeks in a Haitian jail. Americans Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso captured gold and silver, respectively, in the women's Olympic downhill. Actress Kathryn Grayson, 88, died in Los Angeles.

Today's Birthdays: Bandleader Orrin Tucker is 100. Actor Hal Holbrook is 86. Mystery writer Ruth Rendell is 81. Singer Bobby Lewis is 78. Comedian Dame Edna (AKA Barry Humphries) is 77. Country singer-songwriter Johnny Bush is 76. Actress Christina Pickles is 76. Football Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown is 75. Actress Mary Ann Mobley is 72. Actress Brenda Fricker is 66. Actress Rene Russo is 57. Actor Richard Karn is 55. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips is 49. Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is 48. Actor-comedian Larry, the Cable Guy is 48. TV personality Rene Syler is 48. Movie director Michael Bay is 46. Singer Chante Moore is 44. Rock musician Timothy J. Mahoney (311) is 41. Actor Dominic Purcell is 41. Olympic gold medal skier Tommy Moe is 41. Actress Denise Richards is 40. Rock singer-musician Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) is 39. Actor Jerry O'Connell is 37. Country singer Bryan White is 37. Actress Kelly Carlson is 35. Actor Ashton Holmes is 33. Actor Jason Ritter is 31. TV personality Paris Hilton is 30. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 30. Actress Meaghan Martin is 19.

Thought for Today: "People show their character by what they laugh at." German proverb.

steelax04 02-17-2011 08:47 AM

Re: Today in History February 17
You know, the mods gave you your own thread for all of these posts?

The point being to not clog up the Locker Room with a "on this day" thread and have 300 of them by the end of the year.

ricardisimo 02-17-2011 04:30 PM

Re: The "Today in History..." Thread
I could swear it was this day 12 years ago that the Bengals sucked. Could anyone confirm/deny?

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