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Hines86Ward 05-28-2006 03:03 PM

Gilbert Arenas arrested
Santonio wasn't the only one arrested in Miami...

Wizards' Arenas, Storey arrested in Miami BeachAssociated Press

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and forward Awvee Storey have been arrested on charges of disobeying police.

Storey was blocking traffic in the middle of a busy street when an officer told him to get back to the sidewalk Saturday night, according to police reports. Storey didn't get out of the street, and the officer arrested him and charged him with failure to obey a command.

While police were arresting Storey, Arenas got out of a vehicle and walked toward the arresting officers. According to reports, an officer told Arenas to get back in his vehicle, but he refused, saying he wanted to stand next to his teammate. The officer took Arenas into custody and charged him with resisting without violence.

As Arenas was being arrested, according to reports, he said, "You can't arrest me. I'm a basketball player. I play for the Washington Wizards, and I'm not going to leave my teammate."

Both players were then taken to jail for processing.

The Wizards released a statement saying, "We are aware of the situation and, until we have more information, we will have no comment."

The two were arrested as part of a crackdown on disorderly behavior among those who flocked to Miami Beach for Memorial Day weekend.

A total of 557 people were arrested between Thursday morning and Saturday night on Miami Beach. Most arrests were for disorderly conduct and intoxication. During the same three-day period last year, there were 333 arrests.

"We're definitely over from last year," Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said. "We're working a lot more plainclothes officers, so you're obviously going to make more arrests."

tony hipchest 05-28-2006 03:10 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested

Originally Posted by Hines86Ward
Santonio wasn't the only one arrested in Miami...

A total of 557 people were arrested between Thursday morning and Saturday night on Miami Beach. Most arrests were for disorderly conduct and intoxication. During the same three-day period last year, there were 333 arrests.

i wonder how many of those were white

Koopa 05-28-2006 03:29 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
lol, i said the samething on steelersfan sports website, i guess you can't be black and famous and walk out on the street......holmes was arested for the same shit

this is where chamillionaire's song comes in

they see me rollin
they hatin
patrolin and tryin to catch me ridin dirty

tony hipchest 05-28-2006 03:59 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
classic case of being black in public on a friday night. sure im white, but at 14 i was pulled over and given a ticket, for riding my skateboard in the street (actually it was alongside the curb) on a holiday, when there was absolutely no traffic.

when i started to drive i was pulled over atleast 10 times, and never given a citation, but was targetted cause i had long hair. small town cops suck. i used to get pulled out of class and searched by the drug dogs in highschool cause i wore a leather jacket. i had straight a's and recieved 2 academic scholorships. profiling is pretty weak.

Koopa 05-28-2006 04:08 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
here's a song by my second favorite rapper z-ro (it's a shame this dude never made it but the likes of mike jones and paul wall did)


Too many times I done been hated on, by 5-0
f**k your badge, I wish all of you bitches would die slow
I'm just trying to survive hoe, and feed my family
And I ain't killed nobody, but still rough is how they handle
I ride one deep, suspended license and all
My middle finger out the window, screaming f**k the law
I know what you protect and serve, not a god damn thang
But give a nigga five years, for lessing the crowd mayn
They got to feel me Devin, tell me why they do us that way
The got me searching for the doja, in a newbie ass tre
So I can cope with it, not trying to travel up and smoke with
My kinfolk in the maximum security, for no bidness
Sick of I'm missing you, so here's what I'm fin to do
Buy me hunting for badges, f**k a ditch I'ma dig a few
The odds are against us, because we black
So keep your heat in a stash spot, and always be strapped

Mr. officer, crooked officer
Make a nigga wanna blow the badge, off of ya
We been living hard, so it won't be soft for ya
Fiending to see your blood, until you cough it up
Mr. officer, crooked officer
We just trying to feed, our sons and daughters sir
We been struggling to make it, in America too long
All we wanna do is live our life, and be left alone

Illegal search 45 minutes, what the f**k you looking for
I roll on 24's, so the Dopeman is what they get me for
And that's a shame, a nigga can't ride nice
Without getting harassed, and facing 25 to life
I wish I could make a citizen's arrest
Knock the busters in the hole, and blow the badges up off of
they chest

Controlled substance on the ground, and it just had to be mine
f**king with me about weed, and they look blacker than mine
Six months for getting caught up, with a soldier strap
They'll put the felonies on me, but keep your doja sack
That's why they proud to be, an American
What about my Negro people, look how they stare at them
With evil eyes, they hang a brother daily G
The Judicial system, is our modern day slavery
We ain't picking cotton no' mo' bitch, we picking off cops
Negro life in association, we issuing out glocks


I put my hands up too slow, and I got shot in the back
Thrown in the back of the paddy wagon, left to ride in the pack
What about my medical condition, it's some bullshit
We don't give a damn if you die, one less ****** to deal with
Ask me why, I don't give a f**k about the police
Cause all they offer is the penitentiary, with no peace
They planting dope on niggaz, just to get a commission
And if we don't cooperate, it'll be a longer stay in prison
Everytime I had a flat, they'd just pass me by
And if I was laying on the ground, they'd never ask me why
But when I'm looking great, and rolling in something they can't
They looking for any reason, not to let a nigga bounce
Whether expired registration, or inspection stickers
The only thing be on they mind, is we gon get them niggaz
And it don't matter if we working, on a 9-to-5
We rerouted by the system, facing 99


tony hipchest 05-28-2006 04:18 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
i never heard z-ro but them lyrics are pretty tight. while many cant relate, i know what the "doja" is. texan rap for me has been pretty much limited to the ghetto boys from way back and lil' flip.

bushwick bills "i had to lose an eye to see things clearly" is a classic.

Suitanim 05-28-2006 05:52 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
This is probably the same kind of shit that Homes was arrested for...both are stupid and probably racist.

BigSteelThrill 05-31-2006 01:54 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
"You can't arrest me. I'm a basketball player."

:blah: :thmbdown:

shimmysteelerfan 05-31-2006 03:03 PM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested
another case of wrong place at the right time, i bet they go some where else next year!

you are an idiot 06-20-2006 06:10 AM

Re: Gilbert Arenas arrested

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