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Dynasty 07-01-2006 08:12 PM

Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Here's an anlysis i made of a recent fantasy draft. My team was The Poster Children. Tell me what you think of my team and of my analysis, please.

Round 1

1. L. Johnson Team 1
2. S. Alexander Team 2
3. B. Leftwich Team 3
4. L. Tomlinson The Poster Children
5. C. Portis Team 5
6. E. James Team 6...
7. P. Manning Team 7
8. T. Barber Team 8
9. C. Palmer Team 9
10. S. Smith Team 10

Best pick: Tomlinson. I was very surprised he made it out of the top 3.
Worst pick (ever): Leftwich! Now matter how much of a fanboy you are, you just do not take this guy in the top 3. Ever.

Round 2
1. T. Brady Team 10
2. L. Fitzgerald Team 9
3. R. Johnson Team 8
4. L. Jordan Team 7
5. T. Owens Team 6...
6. C. Williams Team 5
7. C. Johnson The Poster Children
8. C. Martin Team 3
9. R. Brown Team 2
10. T. Holt Team 1

Best pick: Brown. He is a talent worthy of going higher in this round than 9th.
Worst pick: Martin. Team 3 continues his trend of terrible drafting by picking a RB out of his prime, and coming off a severe injury.

Round 3
1. M. Harrison Team 1
2. A. Gates Team 2
3. C. Baker Team 3
4. E. Manning The Poster Children
5. R. Moss Team 5
6. S. Jackson Team 6...
7. B. Westbrook Team 7
8. A. Boldin Team 8
9. J. Jones Team 9
10. Chicago Team 10

Best pick: Jackson. For a guy being drafted in the late first and early second rounds of many drafts, the middle of the 3rd is a complete steal.
Worst pick: Baker. Why are you picking him in the 3rd round? He belongs more in the bottom, like Rd. 13-15, if you even draft him at all.

Round 4
1. R. Bush Team 10
2. Sa. Moss Team 9
3. H. Ward Team 8
4. R. Wayne Team 7
5. D. Culpepper Team 6...
6. J. Walker Team 5
7. W. McGahee The Poster Children
8. L. Coles Team 3
9. C. Chambers Team 2
10. D. Davis Team 1

Best pick: None to really merit this spot, as this round was very average. Maybe Chambers, if he has another excellent season.
Worst pick: Coles. He is definitely not worthy of a pick this high. By this point, its becoming increasingly obvious that Team 3 has no idea how to draft a fantasy football team, so I will switch to the runner-up for this spot from now on.

Round 5
1. P. Burress Team 1
2. D. McNabb Team 2
3. C. Dillon Team 3
4. W. Parker The Poster Children
5. M. Hasselbeck Team 5
6. T. Houshmandzadeh Team 6...
7. T. Gonzalez Team 7
8. D. Jackson Team 8
9. A. Crumpler Team 9
10. L. Evans Team 10

Best pick: Hasselbeck. For a QB that was very good stats-wise, this is low.
Worst pick: McNabb. However much talent he may have, he is coming off several injuries. He also lost his best receiver. Considering that there were many better options available, he could have done a lot worse.

Dynasty 07-01-2006 08:13 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Round 6
1. W. Dunn Team 10
2. D. Foster Team 9
3. J. Shockey Team 8
4. Ro. Smith Team 7
5. J. Witten Team 6...
6. N. Rackers Team 5
7. A. Johnson The Poster Children
8. B. Edwards Team 3
9. D. Driver Team 2
10. T. Heap Team 1

Best pick: Shockey. He is an excellent TE to be drafted in the 6th round.
Worst pick: Rackers. Even if he was the best fantasy kicker, the 6th is still to early. I have a strong feeling he would have been available later.

Round 7
1. J. Galloway Team 1
2. T. Jones Team 2
3. D. Brees Team 3
4. H. Miller The Poster Children
5. Ro. Williams Team 5
6. A. Vinatieri Team 6...
7. D. Mason Team 7
8. C. Taylor Team 8
9. Carolina Team 9
10. R. McMichael Team 10

Best pick: Brees. Even with his shoulder injury (which recovered well), he is still in a potent offense with Reggie Bush and two extremely talented receivers.
Worst pick: Carolina. The 7th is still to early for a defensive unit.

Round 8
1. M. Vanderjagt Team 10
2. S. Graham Team 9
3. J. Horn Team 8
4. Pittsburgh Team 7
5. J. Addai Team 6
6. New York Team 5
7. Indianapolis The Poster Children
8. A. Randle El Team 3
9. M. Muhammad Team 2
10. Baltimore Team 1

Best pick: Addai. A talent worthy of an earlier pick, a good line, and being the primary replacement for Edgerrin James all add up to make Addai a good value in the middle of round 8.
Worst pick: Randle El. He?s what? A 3rd wide receiver? Not worth a pick this early, even as a flier.

Round 9
1. R. Droughns Team 1
2. M. Bulger Team 2
3. New York Team 3
4. J. Feely The Poster Children
5. D. Branch Team 5
6. Si. Moss Team 6...
7. K. Jones Team 7
8. K. Warner Team 8
9. D. Stallworth Team 9
10. C. Rogers Team 10

Best pick: Bulger. He?s a good QB in a very good offense. He deserved to go higher, even if he does have some injury troubles.
Worst pick: Moss. He?s a rookie in an offense with many other talented receiving options. He will have a very limited number of touches.

Round 10
1. J. Delhomme Team 10
2. T. Green Team 9
3. J. Lewis Team 8
4. D. Bledsoe Team 7
5. M. Vick Team 6...
6. J. Plummer Team 5
7. B. Roethlisberger The Poster Children
8. D. Graham Team 3
9. Tampa Bay Team 2
10. B. Favre Team 1

Best pick: Delhomme. He has talented receivers, and is a good field general who puts up good numbers. In a tenth round pick, what more do you want?
Worst pick: Favre. He is coming off his worst season, and his receiving corps have gotten weaker. Not a smart move.

Dynasty 07-01-2006 08:14 PM

Fantasy draft analysis part three
Round 11
1. S. McNair Team 1
2. R. Brown Team 2
3. M. Leinart Team 3
4. K. Johnson The Poster Children
5. C. Benson Team 5
6. L. Maroney Team 6...
7. P. Holmes Team 7
8. E. Kennison Team 8
9. A. Green Team 9
10. I. Bruce Team 10

Best pick: Johnson. He is an excellent receiver who will benefit from having double teams placed on Steve Smith.
Worst pick: TIE: Holmes, Bruce. Priest is the backup to the best back in the league, and Bruce is a shell of what he once was.

Round 12
1. T. Bell Team 10
2. N. Burleson Team 9
3. J. Brown Team 8
4. T. Glenn Team 7
5. Atlanta Team 6...
6. K. Robinson Team 5
7. D. Bennett The Poster Children
8. J. McCareins Team 3
9. J. Reed Team 2
10. Miami Team 1

Best pick: Glenn. He is in a very similar situation to Keyshawn Johnson, as discussed above.
Worst pick: Reed. He was, as far as I?m concerned, not the best kicker available.

Round 13
1. N. Kaeding Team 1
2. K. Winslow Team 2
3. R. Longwell Team 3
4. L. White The Poster Children
5. C. Cooley Team 5
6. C. Brown Team 6...
7. B. Watson Team 7
8. Ma. Jones Team 8
9. D. McAllister Team 9
10. Washington Team 10

Best pick: Winslow. Even with his past injuries, he has immense talent, great size, and an improved offensive line than before.
Worst pick: McAllister. He will get greatly reduced touches, due to Reggie Bush?s presence.

Round 14
1. M. Pollard Team 10
2. Seattle Team 9
3. C. Simms Team 8
4. R. Dayne Team 7
5. Ma. Clayton Team 6...
6. Dallas Team 5
7. Mi. Clayton The Poster Children
8. D. Givens Team 3
9. Jacksonville Team 2
10. D. Carr Team 1
Best pick: Michael Clayton. He is poised to have a very similar season, if not better, than his rookie year. He also has great size.
Worst pick: Carr. What do you really do with a QB who can?t stay off his butt? Even with the additions of some receiving threats, he still will be very limited by his terrible line.

Round 15
1. V. Davis Team 1
2. S. Janikowski Team 2
3. L. Smith Team 3
4. Da. Clark The Poster Children
5. J. Elam Team 5
6. J. Kasay Team 6...
7. J. Wilkins Team 7
8. Cincinnati Team 8
9. P. Rivers Team 9
10. R. Lindell Team 10

Best pick: Rivers. He steps into an excellent San Diego offense and has the great skills to do well.
Worst pick: Cincinnati. They had big problems with pass D last year, and they yhaven?t improved a great amount.

DIESELMAN 07-01-2006 08:20 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Looks like whoever has got Team 3 has got a plan......To lose every game!!!!!

Dynasty 07-01-2006 09:25 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
haha! so true... but i would almost die of laughter if they ended up winning by some unbelievable fluke. So, what do you guys think of my team?

CantStop85 07-01-2006 10:39 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Not bad, you're going to put up a lot of points...LT and Chad are never bad...QB is a bit of a concern. I'm not quite sold on Eli Manning yet, I think there were better options at QB at that point in the draft. I definitely think both Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Delhomme will put up better numbers than Eli. Ben Roethlisberger was a good choice at that point, he won't put up huge numbers but he will be pretty consistent.

Willie Parker and Willis McGahee are small concerns...I don't think Parker will get many TD's and McGahee's health is always a concern.

Andre Johnson and Keyshawn Johnson were both solid picks...I think Andre will have a rebound year and Keyshawn should get a lot of opportunities opposite Steve Smith.

I probably would've taken Randy McMichael over Heath Miller, I believe that pick was a bit of a reach.

Hines86Ward 07-01-2006 11:01 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
I like the Drew Bennett pick. I think he'll put up some big numbers this year with Billy Volek as the starting QB...

Dynasty 07-05-2006 04:29 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Yeah, I'll probably pick up Volek on waivers; the guy has huge seasons fantasy-wise. I'm surprised he wasn't drafted. And about the Miller pick, I figured he is going to get lots of TDs. Considering that as a rookie, he had what, 5 touchdowns and lots of yards, he is only going to gwt better.

lilyoder6 07-05-2006 06:28 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
nice draft u had there i think i would of drafted drew bledsoe instesd of eli.. i mean he is pretty old but he will have numbers this season cuz of T.O and witten, etc.

Dynasty 07-07-2006 08:46 PM

Re: Fantasy draft analysis part one.
Thanks, but I didn't feel that Bledsoe was the best QB available when I drafted Manning. And by the time I was ready to draft another QB, he had been taken.

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