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devin7558 04-25-2012 03:20 PM

what if?......
what if this played out in the draft for the steelers on picks 1-3?

1. OLB/DE Nick Perry USC
2. RB LaMichael James Oregon
3. OG Brandon Washington Miami

would anyone be disappointed?

i think it would represent a BPA with high upside on all the picks
ILB is not a huge need this season in my opinion, could be addressed 4-6
same as a NT who might fall. there are several (8-9) 1st round DT's availabe in next seasons draft and plenty of them look good at NT as well

cbrunn 04-25-2012 03:27 PM

Re: what if?......
i wouldn't be mad ... would Lamar Miller be available in the 2nd ... i'd rather him then James ... other then that i think it's very possible it could play out like this

and i agree on ILB and NT ... Dline will be ok this year will have to move Hood to NT and who knows maybe he'll be good there
and ILB i would like to give Sly a chance

devin7558 04-25-2012 04:18 PM

Re: what if?......
i think theyre looking for some players who can make an impact early. perry as an additional rusher on 3rd downs and in case 56 or 92 get hit with injuries. steelers value the pass rush so much and its a recipe for winning.

the change to haley and bringing in a scat back type player is something that he loves to use and honestly there are problems with lamichael james game but hes a playmaker and could be insanely good if used correctly.

obviously washington at guard could start year 1 over legursky. he'd maul him in camp.

PhantomJB93 04-25-2012 06:06 PM

Re: what if?......
I have no problem with the last two picks. I'd be a little disappointed with Nick Perry just because OLB is hardly a position of weakness or need, and we find quality guys there outside the first all the time. But I've learned that whoever the Steelers take is probably the best choice, so I wouldn't complain.

Then again, IDK how well Perry translates to an ILB role. I don't know much about him but maybe the Steelers would do with him what they did with Timmons (who also projected as a pass rushing OLB). Since Hightower would mostly be stopping the run and rushing the passer, maybe Nick Perry could play that role just as well (If this were the case, I would not hesitate to make the pick). He does have almost identical measurables to Hightower (Hightower is 6'2 265 4.62 40, Perry is 6'3 271 4.64 40). Perry definitely comes off more as an OLB to me right now though.

cbrunn 04-25-2012 06:52 PM

Re: what if?......
Lets try this What if.....

so lets say decastro falls to like 18...we trade our 1st and 3rd to move up and grab him ...that's 900 points both on the trade value chart

and lets say Zeitler falls to 46 ...we trade our 2nd , 4th, 5th, 6th and grab him ... there both 440 points on the value ...

we trade all of our picks but for 7th rounders ... but now our Oline goes from a weakness and turns into a strength ...with 2 day 1 starters

lol i wouldn't be mad ... but i know it will never happen

that's Decastro as LG and Zeitler as the RG

El-Gonzo Jackson 04-25-2012 07:21 PM

Re: what if?......
I'd be upset. We get maybe the equivalent of Dexter McCluster and Chris Scott with picks #2 and 3...........but no ILB, NT or OT.

It makes 2008 look like a good draft.

El-Gonzo Jackson 04-25-2012 07:23 PM

Re: what if?......
Analysis: Washington is a big-bodied college left tackle who's better off at guard in the NFL. He possesses the size, strength and overall football skills to eventually develop into a starter but needs to become more technically sound.

Projection: 5th round

Read more:

67 calsteel 04-25-2012 07:53 PM

Re: what if?......
Perry is not a bad pick buy hightower is better.2nd and 3rd choice would be a complete waste

devin7558 04-25-2012 09:36 PM

Re: what if?......
if its perry or any OLB leave them at that position and move worilds inside. i dont think he's proven much at this point. not enough anyways.

im not high on washington @ guard either so just plug in any OT/OG type in that 3rd rd area. maybe mitchell schwartz or the like. someone who is very solid but unspectacular. theres value in this area of the draft. so much so that it can allow a team to select a luxury player.

i do not think lamichael james is dexter mcluster. a little less speed but hes tougher, stouter frame, has great vision and can fit a number of roles from day 1 (return kicks, 3rd down back, change of pace for speed) and he could REALLY make teams pay for over commiting to blitzes or double coverage down the field assuming 17 suits up for the regular season.

a more efficient running game will help balance the offense, that stands to put ben on his ass less and the defense on its ass more. outside of josh chapman falling to us in one of the later rounds i dont see a NT capable of being a cornerstone in our 3-4 anywhere in this draft. Taamu, Fangupo, kitchen....7th rd prospects. its a crap shoot at that position.

my scenario is just a model of what if it goes that way:

1. edge rusher (upshaw, mercilus, perry, mclellin)
2. running back (wilson, miller, james, polk)
3. OL (schwartz, mosely, potter, washington, bergstrom)

then use picks 4-7c to infuse some need areas with new talent. maybe focus on finding your new "chris hoke" this year instead of your casey hampton. NT's a plenty in next years draft.

personally i would love:

1. Shea Mclellin (this kid is seriously underrated in most mocks)
2. LaMichael James
3. Mitchel Schwartz

devin7558 04-25-2012 09:44 PM

Re: what if?......
idc what anyone says hightower/glenn probably wont be there and i cannot recall a year where i have seen soooooo many people mocking the same players to us. its doomed to fail if for no other reason than that.

im betting the Ravens make a move to snag hightower ahead of us and im glad too. hes a thumper but has no coverage ability. hes a 2 down and big but to slow in transition to zone cover on our blitz packages or from the base defense.

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