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Hawaii 5-0 11-08-2012 07:01 PM

Haley has sure toned it down
Haley has sure toned it down

November 7th, 2012
Mark Kaboly | Tribune-Review

Everybody has heard about (and sometimes saw) the explosive personality of Todd Haley before his arrival in Pittsburgh.

There’s no denying that.

Even Haley’s quarterback last year with Kansas City Matt Cassel admitted so during Wednesday’s teleconference with the Pittsburgh media in preparation for Monday’s game against the Steelers.

“Coach Haley is a demanding coach,” Cassel said. “He expects a lot out of his players. He will challenge you. He is not afraid to get in your face and let you know … I guess hold you accountable is the best way to put it.”

Did Cassel ever take exception to Haley’s methods?

“There were probably times that there I did but there were other times that you respect the process and respect the coaching that is taking place,” he said.

But that Todd Haley is no more.

He has barely even raised his voice in more than nine months as a Steelers employee which leads to the question if the organization (Art Rooney II, Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert) strongly suggested before hiring Haley to tone down his antics.

What other explanation do you have?

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for a coach to change his style from year-to-year while with the Steelers.

There wasn’t a more dynamic of a special teams coach than Bob Ligashesky. He was animated, he screamed, he yelled, he was high-energy and he was expressive on the field.

Then, all of a sudden after his first year with the Steelers (2007) to his second (2008), he barely said a word – no more screaming, yelling and gyrations.

Did the Steelers tell him to knock it off?

Did the Steelers tell Haley to knock it off as well?

We will never know the answer to that, but don’t you think it’s unusual for coaches to change their coaching personality that got them to the pinnacle of their career?

tony hipchest 11-08-2012 07:10 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
reporters are doing backflips coming up with reasons and excuses why they arent getting the circus sideshow they desperately dreamed of (and practically promised).


of course.... blame the rooneys and cite bob shitthebedsky as the precedent! :rolleyes:

Bayz101 11-08-2012 07:19 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
I saw Haley giving Ben the stink eye in Denver. Ben walked two steps in his direction, saw the eye, and suddenly decided walking to his receivers on the bench was the better option. That said...there's no conspiracy. The offense has been limited in mistakes. Nothing to see here.

Riddle_Of_Steel 11-08-2012 07:20 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
Being given the keys to the Steelers offense, with all of its neat weapons and playmakers, has probably given him no reason to yell and shout.

Coaches yell and shout when things are going badly. When your offense is 2nd in the league in ToP, and you have the best QB, what is there to scream about?

Darkstorm05 11-08-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
Yea, so if you're coaching Matt Cassel and the Chiefs, would you ever be in a good mood? He's suddenly surrounded by talent and respectable character.

LVSteelersfan 11-08-2012 07:28 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 (Post 1045925)
Yea, so if you're coaching Matt Cassel and the Chiefs, would you ever be in a good mood? He's suddenly surrounded by talent and respectable character.

What he said. I don't think Haley has any reason to be that way because he is not the head coach. Not as many worries as a coordinator. Plus he has a really good team. No reason to scream when they are doing what he wants them to.

Hawaii 5-0 11-09-2012 03:14 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
Steelers vs. Chiefs: Todd Haley says "I've moved on," from Kansas City

By Neal Coolong on Nov 9

Despite some insistence from others that his firing after a 5-8 start in 2011 sparks some desire for revenge, Steelers offensive coordinator and former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley sticks to mantra of "every game is the biggest game of the year."

It wouldn't seem befitting the dignity of a coach - particularly not a Pittsburgh Steelers coach - to come out to the media making statements of residing animosity toward a former employer.

It would seem in line with human nature, though, for Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley to want to stick it to his former bosses, though.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh's Week 10 opponent, fired Haley after posting a 5-8 record in 2011, just 14 games after going 10-6 and winning the AFC West. Haley received a Coach of the Year award from NFL's 101 organization.

A rocky 2011 season that saw the Chiefs go on a four-game winning streak, but also lose three in a row and four in a row at different points, doomed Haley, in the eyes of general manager Scott Pioli - a man on the verge of termination himself.

Clearly, Haley's relationship with Pioli had its complications. After his departure, a report in the Kansas City Star suggested Haley had stopped using his personal cell phone and repeatedly checked his office for listening devices. The Star had a story on Jan. 12 about the entire affair, quoting one source attributed as a former longtime Chiefs executive as saying, "When you're mentally abused, you eventually lose it, too."

Some of Pioli's first moves were made in regards to protecting information. According to the Star, a rule instituted by Pioli regards the shades be drawn during practices in all offices facing the Chiefs practice fields, including then Chiefs president Mark Donovan.

From a cultural perspective, weight can be put in the theory of changes being made out of fear of what a new manager knows can happen, disregarding what may happen. Pioli's New England Patriots weren't without invasions of allegedly secure information.

Allegations and smoking sightings without confirmation of fire aside, Haley was out, as was Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, whom the Steelers elected not to bring back after the 2011 season. After working in that kind of alleged environment (Pioli allegedly chastised department heads after a candy wrapped sat in a stairwell for a week in an effort to show how detail-oriented championship teams may be), pretty much anywhere else sounds like a good change of pace.

Haley's comments leading into the Steelers job paint a night-and-day difference between the two organizations - one with a Super Bowl appearance and two double-digit winning seasons, and one with just that 10-win season under Haley since 2009.

Putting all that together, a reasonably-minded person could understand if Haley has extra motivation (if such a concept is possible in an extremely competitive league) against the Chiefs. At the same time, he may no longer be a head coach, but according to the Tribune-Review, "Haley loves his new job in his hometown Pittsburgh and loves going to work every day because of the drama-free environment and his personnel, including the best quarterback he's ever coached. He also sneaks in a few more family hours each week."

It's largely implied no one is bugging his phone or screaming about candy wrappers, either. Maybe Haley will think about that wrapper while holding a three-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter Monday, and decide to give that best quarterback he's ever coached, Ben Roethlisberger, a pass check at the line of scrimmage. Maybe his past experiences will make him stare into the suite where Pioli likely would be sitting for a brief second after a touchdown.

He says he's moved on, but less than a year after leading a reporter inside Chiefs headquarters, eyes scanning over the room for listening devices, it's really hard to believe he's forgotten about it. Maybe in the heat of battle those thoughts come back to him, leading to a deep pass when holding a lead.

It seems, though, Haley is more content with leading the offense to score enough to give the Steelers their fourth straight win. Not all revenge scenarios play out with fire and brimstone.

Atlanta Dan 11-09-2012 04:10 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down
Haley wants to be a head coach again and the Rooneys are giving him that chance - do not discount the fact the Rooneys loyalty to his father helped get him the OC gig and that Haley knows if he screws up with the Steelers his career is toast so he is on his best behavior

stb_steeler 11-09-2012 04:21 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down

Bayz101 11-09-2012 04:23 PM

Re: Haley has sure toned it down

Originally Posted by stb_steeler (Post 1046134)


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