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Default Re: What do the Steelers need????

Hi I'm new here but I think that to take the next step(win a super bowl) Cowher has to go. I know that this will not be a popular idea, but I feel that it is the right move. Cowher is a good regular season coach. Just like his mentor Marty Shotenhiemer, but just like MartyShotenhiemer, Cowher can't take the next step. According to the NFL, home teams win 75% of championship games yet Cowher loses 100% of home championship games. He is to predictable and to conservative. On top of that the team holds onto some player to far past thier prime ie. Bettis. Yes I know the arguement lok how well he did last season. But that was after almost two full seasons of rest. How much do you think that he has left in the tank? He is way to slow now. His longest runs would have been much longer with a younger tail back.

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