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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Ric, have you been able to watch the combine at all?? Glenn has been running in and out of drills well and doesnt look like conditioning is an issue. He is just a big kid that actually moves really well.

I also like that Georgia O linemen are normally very good technicians and Glenn looks that part in drills. I still think #24 is early to spend on him, but he would solidify RT position for years to come and maybe play OG.
Actually, I'm secretly trying to lower his stock to make sure that he's there when we pick. He definitely looked fluid, and like I said, it's probably best not to be a great jumper as an O-linemen. Still, to that commentator's point, might be nice to see him lose 30 lbs. of fat and gain 15 lbs. of muscle.

You mention Georgia... you know, as far as linemen there's only two guards and one tackle from Georgia currently in the NFL, and not one of them is a starter. Does not bode well for the program, or Glenn, I guess. If you're factoring in schools, I think the Big Ten is where you need to look for guards and tackles.
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