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Default First rounder for one trick poney? Take it!!!!!!

After 3/4 's of last season i saw a frustrated(soft) mike wallace, his trick taken
from him ,he slowly crumbled under pressure. Antiono Brown has no bags of tricks.
He stepped up,took the pressure off wallace and emerged.He really took over as bens first option at the end of last year.So dump him,sign cochery, cut hines(ouch).
We take the best guard availble at 24th, we use wallaces first round to take
a nose tackle. NOT A ILB!!!!!!!!!! Now our two biggest problems are cured
for ten years. A nose tackle makes a 3-4 work, it allowes the linebackers
to do there job,take one in the third round and the talent really drops off. I like 3
of these guys playing for us in this draft and they all will be gone in the late 2nd round

Now were in the second round and can still get some really good inside linebackers! And both lines are taken care of. Now i keep looking reciever but
this draft is so deep that we can get good quality in later rounds.Theres a lot
of depth there this year.
I like a FS , somebody that can shore up speaical teams.
4--- 7 are the hardest rounds for me, and really thats where the Steelers really
have kept themselves competitive over the years. coming up with 6th,7th round
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