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Default Re: What Would the End of Football Look Like?

usually i brush this kind of stuff off, but there's some REAL scary stuff here. If one thing could ultimately kill the league...this could be it....this potentially could be, and likely will, be far more damaging than the things people complain about that Roger Goodell is doing to the league.

Now its starting to seem as if everyone who got a "head" injury (whom knowingly and willingly chose to play a dangerous, contact sport) is coming out of the woodwork. Attorney's are now slobbering all over the place to file suits on behalf of this player, that player, and on, and on, and on.
This will only pick up steam. Current players like Colt McCoy who was concussed this year and likely doesn't have a great chance at a long and illustrious career anyway? Oh, yeah....when he's finished, look for him to file suit too along with dozens of others.
This is potentially devastating stuff. Is the "flag" QB's or "everyone's" for that matter closer in our future than we even joke about?? Quite possibly. I'm SURE....that in our minimum we will see QB's with a flag. Don't laugh. It will happen.

I do have a problem with a large portion of this as they knowingly played the sport. They could have easily took their degree and went into the business path. Its like smoking...people know its bad for them and going to hurt their bodies...but they do it anyway....then afterwards when they get cancer or something...they want to sue the tobacco companies.
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