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Default Re: Steelers temporarily 'capping' problems

Originally Posted by mesaSteeler View Post
Steelers temporarily 'capping' problems
By Jamison Hensley

The Pittsburgh Steelers have kept the core of their team together to make another Super Bowl run -- at a cost.

The NFL's busiest team this offseason, the Steelers whacked $25 million in three weeks by restructuring the contracts of five players. This got Pittsburgh under the cap this year, but the $25 million doesn't just disappear. The chunk of cap change gets spread over future years.

What it boils down to is this: The Steelers got themselves out of cap jail today by handcuffing themselves in the future. These moves are putting pressure on the Steelers to win now.

"As a former cap manager in the NFL for 10 years
, I know that if you want to make something work for one year, you can," ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt said. "It’s just a question of how much pain are you pushing off to the future."..

"It’s hard to lock down that in 2013, they won’t be able to manage their team. Or in 2014, they’re going to have some real problems," Brandt said. "What has to be emphasized, though, is whatever the cap situation is league-wide, they are going to be in the most disadvantaged state."
So I guess that means since he now works as an "ESPN NFL business analyst" Andrew Brandt got fired as a "cap manager" and nobody hired him after that?

I will take my chances with Omar Khan and Kevin Colbert over Mr. Bryant
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