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Default Re: Look for Steelers to target Jared Gaither

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
as someone has already pointed out, haley CUT gaither after 1 penalty, one play. does anyone seriously think gaither would want come and play under haley ?
also why would the chargers not be interested in resigning him ? are the steelers in a position to out bid SD ? would gaither prefer a fridged pittsburgh winter over sunny southern california ?
I thought Haley was fired by that game, but you are correct. Again, this is just a rumor from the combine and I would not be surprised if it happens. Maybe it wasnt Haley that cut him, maybe Pioli??

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
One thing for sure don't underestimate Essex. The guy can play every position on the line and filled in at center more then adequately as well. Being you can only dress so many on gameday Essex is the quintessential backup O lineman.
Essex was a 6th round talent that the Steelers reached and drafted in the 3rd round. He's proven that he can play a few positions, but none of them well enough to be a starter on merit. Time to move on.
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