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Default Re: Ut I'm pissed...

Originally Posted by hardwork
As I said. If the Patriots do go down, it wont be at the hands of the thinkthey'rebetterthenanyone Steelers.
As far as the Bingle Bangle Bungles go, you guys are just sad. I mean, look at your uniforms, let alone your record. Hey, no NFL team should have to take the field against a team dressed like that. It's an insult. They should make you play in a semi-pro league until you shape up.
You get lucky in 1 super bowl, then get lucky in a few playoffs to make a few more superbowls..... And almost suffered a late come back by Mcnabb an inc.... he wouldn't have thrown that interception if he wouldn't have been sick...your team is sorry and now you got Dillon which if he was so great the Bengals wouldn't have wanted to get rid of him. our unis are the shit...better then piss ass ugly blue
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