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Default Re: Look for Steelers to target Jared Gaither

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
I wouldn't be so sure the Chargers are the team that will be better in 2012. The Steelers play a very tough NFC East next year along with now two tough division foes.

Throw in the possible loss of Wallace, Injury problems with Emanuel Sanders, no guarantee at left guard, or left tackle, no suitable backups at tackle yet on the roster, a potential new nose tackle and inside linebacker, a new corner opposite Ike, no Mendenhall, and a new offensive coordinator that is known to cause friction with star players. This team isn't guaranteed anything this year.

So who do you pull for??? wow your suggesting the Chargers may be better then the Steelers... give me a break

If wallace leaves we will have our Oline and NT problem fixed in the first 3 picks of the draft.. if he doesnt then we have no problems at WR. You say a New Coord that can cause friction.. how about a new coord that makes us the top 5 O in the league because weve been good with the worst O coord in the NFL.. your whole post looks at neg points

We bring in a LT.. leave Gilbert at RT where he was solid as can be last year.. we move Wilie to gurad and draft one in the draft gives us Jared Gaither Colon pouncey rookie and Gilbert.. with Foster and Doug along with your guy essex still around for depth... Wow now we have the most solid line weve had in 5 years or so... Wallace stays and Brown is back. Sanders is healthy and we have the best WR core weve ever had... ole and by the way we are bringing back the number one D in football a little older but still the number one D in football just in case you forgot... one last point unless you were lost at sea this kid Cortez Allen might be our best CB on the roster this year... look for him to start opp of IKE and play at a probowl level
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