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Default Re: Steelers release ward

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I follow 2 teams - the Steelers and Duke basketball

Trust me on this - fans that envy successful teams always find a new player upon which to focus their ire when the prior villain leaves the stage

My bet is Roethlisberger

Hello my fellow Blue Devil Fan!! I hail from Charlotte NC. I agree totally. Every since Laettner left, a new successor of hate is named every year. I don't worry about that. I just hate that so many people dog Duke as if their accomplishments as a program are meaningless. Everyday someone is telling me how we are overrated yet we still win. Same goes for the Steelers and fans of other teams. Ravens fans are already naming Clark as their new PE#1. You would think they would respect guys that play the game the right way. Most Steeler fans have tremendous respect for the Ravens players, just not them all collectively.
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