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Default Re: Steelers temporarily 'capping' problems

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Gerry Dulac of the P-G agrees

Accroding to Hensely's AFC North Blog on ESPN, he thinks that the restructuring of contracts will cripple the Steelers in coming years regardless of a huge money influx from new TV contracts. Do you think that in 2013-14, the Steelers will lose their competitiveness when they no longer can sign their own talent?

Gerry Dulac: Look, when it comes to restructuring and contract stuff, the Steelers are among the best, if not the best, in the league. Why do you think they stay competitive all these years, have won 20 division titles and been to three Super Bowls since 2005? They know what they're doing.
Bingo... again we may not go out and sign all the big time 2014 and make no mistake about it... the NFL will explode that year... teams like the Skins and cowboys are gonna go off... hell you will prob see the skins go off the charts this year with signings..but anyway we may not be able to sign FA outside the team but in 2014 we will for sure have our guys signed and the money we are pushing back will fall right into place.. As long as we draft well we will be fine like we always are..

This guy basically says we are gonna be old by then... I guess he didnt see guys like Timmons, Woodley, Cortez Allen. Hood, Heyward.. pouncey. gilbert Wallace brown sanders... shit that sounds like a pretty good start to me... If we draft good... not great but just good... hit about 2 or 3 picks this year and 2 or 3 next year and we will be ready to roll again for the next 6 year stretch... what you guys think 2 or 3 more superbowl apperances in the next 6 years... sounds good to me
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