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Default Re: Report: Steelers May have Interest in Plaxico Burress

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
The one thing I do worry about with Cotchery is his history of drops. He had a team-high nine drops his last year in NY. That's crazy.

He did drop a crucial pass in the playoff game at Denver in the red zone that could have kept a drive going or even gone for a TD. Cotchery is a great guy but sometimes those ugly histories rear their ugly head in crucial situations like playoff games. I would worry about that going forward.

If we lose Wallace I would definitely consider Burress. Ironic for Cotchery though if Burress joins the Steelers and forces him out here. Burress would be the #2 from day one and that would interest Burress in the Steelers. So it's not an impossibility. Plus Burress and Ben back together again. The man would win games for us.
How do you remember Cotchery's drop in Denver (which I don't) and not that gritty, miraculous touchdown catch that tied the game? That's when Cotch's value reared its beautiful head.

We wouldn't bring back Plax over Cotchery if Cotch wants to come back. Clearly, the organization was impressed with what Cotchery showed last year. And there's no way that Plax, even if signed, would be put above Sanders on the depth chart. Living in NY, I watched Burress a lot this year and at this stage in his career, he's much better suited to being a #3/red zone guy than he is to being a starter. It'd be incredibly foolish to put a 35-year-old guy who left town 8 years ahead of a young stud on the depth chart.
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