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Default Re: Bires: Business is business, so Ward has to go

Originally Posted by Go 'Lers View Post
This post and it's title hits the nail on the head. Business is business.

It reminds me how we, as Steeler fans, laughed when Baltimore cut Heap, Houshmanzadeh, and a bunch of others last year and said they were going to be in serious rebuilding mode for a while...then the season happened.

Reality is we need to develop our younger guys, get under the $alary cap, and players like Roethlisberger are still in their prime (but age only goes forward).

Pittsburgh is in great position to win another title and their is zero room for error or keeping players for sentimental value. Between restructuring major contracts, letting veterans go, and hiring a big name like Haley as OC shows the Steelers are going HARD for no. 7 and they want to get it NOW...and no. 8, and 9 if there is time!
Reality is this, better hope the Steelers re-sign Wallace, if not then releasing Ward might bite them in the ass. Plainly put, salary cap or not the Steelers better know what they are doing, here's a serious question would "The Chief" have cut Hines Ward? Business my ass, don't blow your load too soon, this WR corp and offense may be in a mess if Wallace isn't signed.
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