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Default Re: Steelers release ward

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Oh I was doing that for the past year or so.. You know, speaking of how promising Brown was, how Hines' spot could be easily filled by Cotchery (who's better at this point in his career), and how letting him go would give us an opportunity to grab another guy in the draft who can do more than catch WR screens and block.

Welcome to reality everyone. I guess it's only OK to let go of something after the fact. But when it's practically written on the wall for everyone to see, its not cool. It's gotta happen first.
Uh, not so sure about that. Your name's not the first one that pops into my mind when thinking about productive, constructive posters, to say the least. Seems like mostly you trade smug barbs with others about Hines and Gibson, back and forth, back and forth.

Whatever, they're both gone now. We can move on and start talking about the future. And make no mistake, washed up or not, Hines' departure is a watershed moment for these Steelers. [there's a pun in there somewhere... "washed up", "watershed"... gotta work on my material.] This is almost as significant as when Cowher or Tomlin took over.
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