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Default Re: Right on the Nose

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
in all honesty i think Ta'amu is the better fit for us. yes Poe had a very, very strong combine but his tape dosnt show that. i just watched alot of tape on him and was surprised how he played. i expected him to be dominant but he really wasnt. maybe his heart isnt in it or something because with his size, speed and strength he should dominate any offensive lineman
and what do you see from Ta'amu's tape ? last year everyone had him pegged as the top nose tackle prospect for this year. expected bigger things out of him but he never delivered. poe passed him even before the combine. to me that suggest that Ta'amu's tape is less than impressive. "inconsistent" is the label i've seen put on him after the senior bowl. he was a non factor in the bowl game verse the powerhouse known as ... baylor ... who gashed washingtons Dline for over 300 rushing yards.
both apparently need to be coached up and their technique refined . poe obviously is the more athletic of the two, so i'd put my money on poe. i think he offers more to work with. they could even line his big ass up at DE like the rats do with ngnata.
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