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Default patriots suck

Here is stuff thats going around...


"the only damn reason the patriots have one 2 out of the last 3 super bowls is because they got them give to them. the officiating in those games has went the patriots way. what about this damn tuck rule? no-one has ever heard of it before or since it happened. i think they invented it just for the patriots. another thing that year the 9/11 thing happened and it just so happens that the patriots colors are red white and blue. conspiracy i like to think so. oh and the name patriots man thats the one that got me give it to them they are patriotic. u people don't realize how much better the COLTS are this year. yeah u beat us the 1st game of the year but out defense has got better since then. yeah we might allow the most yards but we the COLTS are 3rd in sacks and 3rd in takeaways. so how bad is our defense. plus we got one of the best defensive players in the league in Dwight freeny. if he has any kind of day your tom brady is going to have a long day. and how do you think you can win when ty law and tyrone poole out. yeah i know law intercepted my man manning 3 times last year but if you take that away he would have had 3 more tds. oh and what about that easy ass schedule you played this year. as defending super bowl champions you are supposed to have the toughest schedule. maybe the easiest and when you played someone you got your ass handed to you except the miami game. damn thats bad. well i am done now so go ahead say something. we will find out who is better sunday on the field"
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