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Default Re: Steelers release ward

Originally Posted by Set-Man View Post
I had to say something about this (as does everybody else):

Definitely the correct move. Hines body is done - slow and ineffective. He was done mid-year. The Steelers gave him his 1000 receptions with lame bubble-screens and short throws. Would you really put Ward in for Wallace, Brown, Sanders, or Cotchery? No way.

For the people complaining that this was the wrong move, you are nuts. The Cheatriots are the way they are because they release or more smartly trade their big name players just as after they peak. They rack up draft picks and stay fresh. Rooney's almost never trade players, they release them.

I would be surprised if Hines ends up on another team because he looked so slow. Nobody is going to waste a roster spot on a "mentor". i do hope he retires but if he does not, then good luck to him.

What we should be saying is thank you and remember his numerous highlights or receptions and blocks. Absolutely the toughest receiver ever to play the game. Receivers never blocked like that before he came along. In my book he is a HOF'er but that remains to be seen.

Ok, I'm getting a little annoyed with the patriot ball washing going on here. What exactly is "the way they are"? What they are is 1 player away from being an extremely sub-par team. They have no talent on D besides mayo and maybe a declining wilfork. They have no WR depth, and their O-line is suspect against physical 4 man lines. They have a smart coach who has a well disciplined team year after year, but as far as being this personnel mastermind that some claim, he is highly overrated. That team lost whatever swagger they used to carry when they traded away seymour.
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