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Default Re: Kemoeatu now out with Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
kemo was pretty much a failed experiment 7 years in the making.

we had a great line during the latter part of jerome bettis career.

drafted to be "next" was starks, okolbi, kemo, essex and none of them really panned out. even the "best" of the bunch was average. people say we neglected the line in the draft, but ive seen plenty of teams do more with less.
faneca, hartings, m. smith, and simmons were all very difficult to replace at once, but it shouldnt have been that hard, had our draft picks to the potential that was seen when drafted.

mix in hills and urbick and our scouting of o-linemen looks incredibly weak.

I usually agree with most of what you say Tony... but I dont see many teams in the league if any that have this many low draft picks up front.. I cant say I ever saw a team do anything with this many low draft picks

I could be wrong but who has a line that is any good at all with picks this low starting on it??

I actually think the opp then you on this... We have won and won a superbowl ( much to BENs credit and the D ) with the worst lines in the world.. I would say that qualifies as doing a lot with a crappy line
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