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Default Re: Steelers release ward

Hines Ward is Steeler Football, hard nosed, take a lick give a lick back. Came up smiling after big hits, made the tough catches and had a chip on his shoulder for most of his career. I knew this day was coming and I knew with the cap situation and Hine's age and skill set fading this could very well be his last hurrah. Regardless if he signs with another team he will be remembered as a Steeler first , last , and forever.

Teams and players owe nothing to each other at this point in a players career. Ward has produced on the field and played the game the way I as a fan enjoyed, in return the FO has paid him very well. Hines will never need to worry about money. I am sure he has options for a career after football that should pay well also.

This tough decision came down to cap space and roster space. Even at the vet minimum he would of been a hit to the cap and he would of taken a spot that could be filled very well by younger talent. Talent that could fill more than one need. This happens to all players, and when it happens to a fan favorite it sometimes clouds our judgement.

The front office has had a knack of dumping players before they become liabilities, they have dropped players who went on to be productive for other teams. But their record speaks volumes of making these kind of decisions and being right most of the time. This time it involved the player who has been the face of a franchise for over a decade and it hurts. Best of luck Hines Ward. P.S. if you do sign with the Ravens knock Ed Reed out in practice one more time for old times sake.
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