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Default Re: Time For Dan Rooney!!!!!!

Originally Posted by 6RingsAndCounting View Post
Why would we waste a roster spot on a 4th or 5th receiver who couldn't play special teams?
Im actually fine with the move but if we brought him back as a special teams 5th wr I would in no way call it a wasted spot... First off Hines ward would be like a LB running down on specail teams and I wouldnt be surprized at all if a HOF football player like hines was our best Special Teams player... A HOF football player sees the game different then a normal guy... also having a guy like Ward around the locker room is pretty damn good... Its like having this generations Joe Green around to imform the new guys of how we do it here in Pittsburgh.. Putting a HOF player in the locker room that gives his heart for the team fans and City and shows the kids who think its all about them how to do it is not at all a wasted spot... bottom line If Hines would have come back for vet Min and played special teams I would have done it... I would much rather have hines then a guy like Arnez Battle on the roster
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