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Default Re: poll right now says just 53% of SN thinks Hines is a Hall of Famer

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
He'll get in without a doubt. SB MVP for one, that's not a lock, but it's huge. Plus he is the Steelers #1 WR of all time. That means he is the #1 WR of all time on the #1 team of all time. Sure media types and jealous opposing fans can make all the claims they want, fact is the Steelers are the most successful team in the NFL since the start, and Ward has about every WR record for the Steelers. You add on to that 3 SB appearances, 2 SB wins, and a SB MVP, he will get in without a doubt. Aside from the championships and all the rest, is there anybody who was thee best WR in any teams history that isn't in the HOF? I don't think so.
Yes, including some from the current afore-mentioned logjam. Andre Reed, Tim Brown and Cris Carter come to mind. I doubt there's a better Bills, Raiders or Vikings wide receiver than those guys.

I strongly suspect that right about the time Hines (and yes, Moss and Owens, etc.) become eligible for consideration, it will become way too embarrassing to the Hall not to take some sort of action to speed some of these receivers in. They'll start voting them into the HoF in pairs for a few years, if nothing else. I can't see Hines waiting more than three years.
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