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Default Re: Steelers taking calculated risk with Wallace

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
The Patsies may rack up draft picks but their drafts suck. They seem to want to keep trading those picks during the draft but never do anything with them. They just pile up picks for the next year that they trade in the next draft. What they do seems ludicrous to me. Without Brady on that team they wouldn't come close to breaking .500 or sniffing the playoffs with the horrid drafts they keep coming up with.

Pats qb position isn't hard at all. 8 seconds in the pocket to throw a ball 7 yards. As long as they have a Solid line they'll be successful with or without Brady. Cassel went 11-5 not playing a down since highschool.

Defenses just need to learn how to stop that dink and dunk shit. If they get a legit deep threat like Wallace to stretch the field, their offense will be unstoppable. It almost already is.

Even though I hate the pats with a passion I think they draft well. They'll keep letting those picks roll over until they have enough to trade up 3 times in one draft or own the whole thing all together. Then we'll have another 15 years of listening to how great these scumbags are.
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