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Default Re: poll right now says just 53% of SN thinks Hines is a Hall of Famer

I honestly think the reason some 47% of those polled don't think he should be in the HOF is because they loathe his playing style. We've heard all the garbage fans of other teams spew out about him. Calling him dirty, and questioning his character. They don't like it that a receiver goes out and intimidates defensive players. They don't like it when a DB gets blown up, or a linebacker gets his jaw broke.

I do think part of it is that he isn't the diva type #1 receiver that puts up monster stats but I think the main reason for the negative votes is because of the things I have already mentioned. One person on here said they'd love it if Ward played for their teams and that's completely and utterly correct. They'd sing his praises and defend him with fervor. The Steelers play old school football though. They still get physical, they still intimidate, and while our fanbase loves it other fanbases hate our style of play because it's not the 50 point a game passing offenses with a complete lack of defense.

Hines is a definite Hall of Famer that's the bottom line. Never has there been a more selfless receiver than Hines Ward. The guy is a great teammate, a motivator, a teacher, and most of all a great player. He was the total package, he selflessly blocked, and made big plays when our team needed them the most.
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