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Default Re: Kovacevic: Steelers must keep cuts coming

Well, as the saying goes, "You have to cut to cure."

I like everyone else am wincing over Ward's departure but it had to happen sometime and even though he could have "worked for wages", there's a time when nostalgia has to give way to reality.

But as far as Kemo, Smith and possibly Farrior and Hampton go, I have no problem with any of them being set free. Kemo has lost a step, but I'm really not sure if he ever really HAD a step to begin with. Smith WAS a force but hasn't been for a while and ever since he ripped his arm up, he simply hasn't been the same. Farrior still shows the occasional flash of brilliance as does Hampton, but their best days are behind them.

It always hurts to get rid of players who were part of something great or were favorites in the eyes of fans but in football, losing a step is like being the straggling Wildebeest at the back of the herd; the herd can try to protect him, but they all know that he's just a dinner that's still able walk.
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