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Default Re: Report: Steelers May have Interest in Plaxico Burress

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
This is what I'm hopping for. If we don't draft an o linemen in the first or second rnd. I'll be pissed.

Would you rather draft someone, or bring in a known free agent commodity? As expensive as Flozell was, he was an improvement over anyone that would have been drafted the year the STeelers brought him in.

Steelers need to draft best available player with that pick. If it's a wide receiver, fine. Inside linebacker, fine. O-lineman, fine.

I don't want the Steelers to reach for an O-lineman that probably won't see the field a lot this year.

Check out this pool of 6'2"+ receivers in this years draft.
You can probably get a 2 or 3rd round guy that would be a solid #4 on the Steelers roster.

Dwight Jones or the guy from Notre Dame would fit nicely on the team, and then we wouldn't have to hear about Plaxico anymore.

Not sure why people are so high on Sanders.
Rebuilding the defense. It's going to be a long process.
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