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Default Re: Anyone getting the PS Vita?

Bought one a few days ago. Pretty impressed with it myself. I went with the Wifi only model. AT&T is the 3g provider and I've heard nothing but bad things about AT&T and their poor coverage. As for the Vita it's an impressive handheld system. Having dual analog sticks makes for manageable controls which was a major issues with the PSP. The screen is very vivid and clear, and the graphics are phenomenal for a handheld system. The only real drawback with it so far is that there isn't a lot of content available for it yet, the remote play isn't really fully functional nor flushed out, and Playstation 1 Classics are not yet available for play on the Vita through the Playstation Store.

I read somewhere though that PS1 classics are supposed to be out this month which I am very hopeful for. I already have a backlog of downloaded PS1 Classics that I'll be able to redownload onto my Vita. Can't wait to play the Resident Evil series, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Command and Conquer. Right now I'm stuck with Uncharted which is pretty awesome and I downloaded Plants vs. Zombies which is a rather addictive game.

All in all I recommend the Vita if you're looking for a handheld.
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