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Default To Wallace or not to Wallace? That is the ?

Make your prediction and state your preference with any points you'd like to make. Thank you.

I'll say I prefer losing him for a #1 draft choice only if we draft a receiver with that extra first round pick. Antonio Brown is more important to this team and he is the receiver that should stay for the long haul. Paying Wallace 8-9 million a year and seeing him double covered all game may be good for Brown and Sanders but you don't pay a WR to draw coverages their way, you pay him to beat the double coverages. Wallace's lack of production the 2nd half of last season is also alarming and could be a trend.

I however predict we sign him to an outrageous contract extension. Which is still good for the team as Wallace will make his big plays no doubt, but just hope that new TV money comes into play in keeping Brown too.
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