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Default Re: Pats can afford Wallace and a lot more.

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
In a passing league, they are not a luxury.

On a team where the OLINE sucks, and your RB's are suspect at best, currently. Your WR's are not a luxury.

On a team where you dont have a legitmate guy(brown got open due to the double team, still a good wr) to take the #1's spot, the WR is not a luxury.

On a team where your 3rd WR has beenhurt sleeping at night, your WR's are not a luxury

They are a necessity! Potentially one of those WRs only comes around once every 10-15 years, and we have 2. Two that compliment each other. Thats not a aluxury, thats called stepping in shit and its a huge asset. Rarely does a draft like that occur that can producte 2 in a row.

I felt like Jeff Foxworthy there for a minute lol
Sanders will be fine. He was out this year because his mother died too. Brown and Sanders are book ends. Sign Cotch, you got your 3rd and heath miller at TE. That is a good receiving core. Steelers then can get their middle linebacker of the future AND a guard in the first round and still have their 2nd to stock pile on the defensive line or get another corner.
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