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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Stainless..... you are helping to make my point. Miller gets called for holding and it negates a Cotchery TD at Cinci. But nobody here thinks that Heath gets caught for holding.

Colon takes a holding call, which kept Ben from getting sacked and hit while throwing....but it negates a TD, so fans still harp on that 4 years later.

NFL players are going to make mistakes and get beat by the guy across from them. Its going to happen. the problem is that if it happens to an O lineman, he doesnt get a chance to make a reception or run the ball to redeem himself like RB's or TE/WR's.

You dont have to play NFL to get a feel for what they do. For those that never played organized football... Find a local beer league, flag football or whatever has some contact on the line. You will see that you can play 95% perfect game, but the 5% you get beat you stand out like a sore thumb.
I'm not going against you in what you're saying. I think Willie Colon is our best offensive lineman and is underrated underneath all that offensive line garbage. That said, I don't think anybody here doesn't think Heath ever holds. As you said, you're making your own point in pointing out that Heath held on Cotchery's touchdown.

Players make mistakes on virtually every play and so do coach's. What makes or breaks a player, especially on the offensive line, is timing of the foul and the repercussions of that. Guys like Michael Ohr has a reputation of being a stud young talent, but leads the league in false starts and his value suffers because of that. For Colon's sake, he's considered the best lineman on a bad offensive line so the scrutiny comes down harder on him givin' he's our best lineman when we all see him standing around when Ben's getting killed.

I give credit where credit is due and Heath deserves some MAD praise as an NFL football player but that doesn't necessarily mean that I've never seen the guy hold or virtually make a bad play that cost our team.

Hell, for a little while there, I was PISSED at Heath during a couple series this season. He had some big drops and was the result of a ill-advised turnover in Cincinnati that kept the Bungs in the game (also as you pointed out, the holding call, which was a lame-ass flag to begin with.) I hold that single play against Heath as I would Colon getting completely embarrassed while he watch's his QB get drilled time and time again.

They always did say an offensive lineman hates the spotlight. If nobody is talking about an offensive lineman, it's a good thing. Our unit has been talked about for years and obviously that needs continued fixing.
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