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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
No, not throwing Miller under the bus, but using him to make a point.

Fans get on a guy for having 7 penalties totalling 55yds, in a season where he played over 900 snaps. But they give their favorite WR or TE a free pass for multiple holding calls or pass interference plays, illegal blocks. I bet Hines Ward had more penalty yardage in 2009 than Willie Colon.

Fans that think Colon(or any O lineman) holds "all the time" should have to put their hand in the dirt against a guy that is faster than they are, while moving backwards and see what they can do.

Im not saying Colon sucks either.. I think he is decent to solid and could be very solid at guard.. what I am saying is I thought you picked a bad example to prove your point... The reason guys like Miller and Ward dont get the book threw at them for mistakes is because of what they have done as steelers... you should have used a guy like Starks.. or marvell smith for your comparrison.. Miller just happens to be one of the best in the league and the best Steeler TE in history... so when the guy makes mistakes people tend to forgive him a bit quicker... As far as colon.. i agree he could be solid but at this point it is what it is and the fact is thus far in Willlie carrer he is average at best when comparred to other steeler greats at his position.. lets see how he finishes up.
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