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Default Re: Shut up Tony Dungy

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
You cant argue this point...Those players went for the knock out..Thats what this CONTACT sport is about! Nothing personal, just the game.
actually i can.

YOU cant speak on behalf of james harrison who says there is a difference between trying to hurt someone and injure them. other than maybe the pile drive on vince young, ive never really seen james harrison take a cheap shot at a qb with intent to injure them ouside of the written rules.

i can (and will) argue that all day.

lloyd wasnt a cheapshot artist. he was an angry, fierce, blackbelt in tae kwon do. Kevin green was wrasslin with the WWF. i doubt they had a bounty on troy aikman.

lamber was one of the meanest SOB's in the game during a much different era as was joe green. pretty much apples and oranges. turkey jones should not be able to pile drive t. bradshaw by todays standards.

punching, grabbing, biting, and twisting an opponents balls on the bottom of the pile is just bush league. if you love that, then more power to ya!
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