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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
The greats like Justin Strelczyk, Leon Searcy or Marvel Smith? He is possibly the 2nd best O lineman on the team currently and while the competition isnt the best, its something to build on .

The complainers can keep on whining about him, but at the present time the best OT combination we have is Gilbert at LT and Colon at RT, so get used to it until free agency comes and goes.

I agree with this 100 percent... thats what the whole debate is about man... IMO and many others we have to address this.. we need to make sure he is not the 2nd best OT on the team.. we need to make sure he is the 3rd best OT and the Best guard on the Team.. Now if no one falls to us and we can t grab a guy in FA because of lack of money then I guess we have to keep Colon there... however IMO going into the season with a guy that has not played in two years because of major injuries.. along with the fact that when he did play he was average... to good at best... Its just not very smart at all... by the way we tried that last year and looked how it ended up ( after the injuries we had the worst line in football until Starks came back and made us at least decent for a while )

Bottom line we have to draft OL sometime in the first 2 picks...round one or Two doesnt matter to me...either that or maybe the rumor of bringing in gaither or whatever his name is might not be a bad idea...

All I know is if the Steelers are dumb enough to go into the season with Colon coming off two years of injuries and John Scott as his back up.. then we are way more retarded then I ever dreamed we could be... Lets assume our FO will do what they need to do this off season
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