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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
until we gut the contracts of our defense the steelers will never be able to afford a top notch OL like the fans think ben and the offense deserve. as it is, miller, ben, and soon to be wallace will all be some of the highest paid at their position.

Actually I think the steelers can afford to pay and do pay well to the OL.. they just pay the wrong people... Why in the world they cant see it is beyond me...

We are giving John Scott ( worst OT in football IMO I would rather have Essex at Vet Min ) but anyway we are giving him 2.2 mil.. Chris K was getting around 4... shit those two guys alone could be cut... I would expect for 6 mil a year we could get one of the better Guards or tackles in football. and look at the money Colon makes... Flozall Adams ( who I might add played at least 3 times better then Colon ever did out at RT ) he wanted 4 mil to stay...shit Colon makes more then that...

again dont get me wrong I think Colon is decent and would be great a guard.. but I dont care how people look at it he has not even come close to earning the 6 mil he will get this year.

Bottom line is that since the steelers built heinz field Dan rooney and the boys have lived up to their end of the deal.. they said they had to have the new stadium to pay and compete and they have paid good money... We also have won our asses off... Its been great being a steeler fan... that being said we always pay our guys good money but in doing that we seem to pay the guys on our team that dont deserve good money as well... How we can be so smart with players but yet also be so dumb with others is beyond me... Kendell Simmons over paid.. Dewayne Washington was way over paid.. Chad Scott got a mil more then Dewayne... Chris K has robbed us blind. Colon again is a decent guy but not near worth 6 mil a year. Arnez battle was getting 2.7 mil a year. John Scott ( 2.2 mil ) good lord I still cant believe that.

If David Johnson makes anything over a dollar then its the worst contract in history

the list goes on and on... I know other teams have those list as well but it just seems the Steelers sign some of the average guys for money no other team would dare pay them.

Two guys stick out to me more then anyone in the past 10 years.. when both signed I hit the floor... One was Dewayne Washington... everyone in the world new the guy sucked.. how he cont to start over Townsend and then get paid the big money ( back then it was big money for a CB 4 mil a year ) I never finally townsend got his chance and played 10 times better then Dewayne...

the other for me is Chris Kemo... man I and many others have been saying for years now how bad this guy is... not only did he keep his starting job but the guy got paid top money ( shit Pro bowl money ) now all of a sudden they finally see how bad he sucks and then finally cut him... How in the world did he get paid to begin with... he as never been nothing any better then the 5th round pick we wasted on him ( I think it was 5th )
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