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Default Re: Madden: No league for old men

Originally Posted by fujirama24 View Post
I have to completely disagree with you MR. Madden. I believe the steelers didn't utilize Hines at all the way he should have been....
I agree with this. Though no one wants to admit it, if anyone regressed this year it was Big Ben. His decision making was pretty poor. If it weren't for the crappy schedule, we would have been like the Chargers this year (good team, good QB, but just an off year for the QB).

Hines never really had much of a chance to run the routes that made him who he was. He didn't run those plays where he reads and sits in the zone. I understand that his speed and the rising talent ahead of him had plenty to do with that. But like I said, on the field it starts with the QB and Ben was pretty off this year. I know, I know the O-line sucked too. A lot of things went into Hines decline other than his ability. In the end, I kinda still learn towards him just hanging it up.
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