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Default Re: Madden: No league for old men

Well stated. Hines does not call plays. The plays he was utilized on rarely result in anything of substance anyway. He is a niche receiver; he finds holes, gets open, and makes the play when we need it.

The Steelers and the circumstances turned this season into what it ended up being: Ward being set up on obvious plays just to get some catches and a few yards. The other teams were fully aware of this.

I am not saying they should keep him, or not, but it is the reality of this situation.

Originally Posted by fujirama24 View Post
I have to completely disagree with you MR. Madden. I believe the steelers didn't utilize Hines at all the way he should have been. He is not a big bubble screen guy. He is a guy who can find the holes in a zone and get open. I think this will be one the the worst moves the steelers have made in the last 30 years. I think he had 3 to 4 really good years left in him. I believe he will either be with Wiz in Arizona or he will go were P. Manning goes. wouldn't be a bad spot for him. Though I love the way you talk steelers mark, This time I think your wrong.
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