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Default Re: Can someone summarize the recent roster moves?

Ricco, how often have the steelers been 3 for their last 3 on wr's? Not to often. They got extremely lucky for a self proclaimed ownership group who is run first to get lucky withthose 3 wrs. Keep in mind that Sanders has yet to prve he can't get hurt while running the the food line at lunch..

The bar has been set with Johnsons contract. Equally plenty of reports are out in 10 years no one has signed a restricted FA. However over those same 10 years, it was a 1 and a 3 pick. Now its only a 1. Is there a hidden brotherhood deal that the owners wont F with the RFA's? Who knows. The Steelers still have plenty of options to work salaries but are not yet showing their cards. If they leave just enough salary space tocover a smaller contract with Wllace than the offers may only be something that is currentlyout of their range. But they certainly can immediately reneg Harrisons contract and Troys and bam they free up large chunk. By not showing their overall cap space they would want to go to war, no one will over big to to much on face value as wht they see is what the Steelers "currently " have available. Basically who blinks first. Also Wallace needs to be careful. If no one signs him, it can be tough on him playing for 2.7, and than tag him next year for a 2 year overal value of about 6.5million 2,7 plus the tag of about 10million . He would be pissed. lol
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