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Default Re: Can someone summarize the recent roster moves?

I hope Wallace is resigned , but I stand by my original statement. Restructuring every star players salary to free up cap for the current year reeks of the federal governments budget. Eventually these restructures will bite us in the ass. We can hope the cap goes up which it will but we are betting if it will go up enough. If Wallace wants too much let him walk, take our chances on the 1st round pick, as far as last three picks before Sweed there was Nate Washington an undrafted player who is doing well in Nashville. Add Santonio Holmes and Burgess both 1st round picks and I believe the Steelers have done well with Wr picks other than the afore mentioned Sweed. I do know one thing if the deal stinks to the front office they will let him go without looking back, and the fans will be the ones thinking its the end of the world while the FO looks to the future.
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