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Default Re: Can someone summarize the recent roster moves?

I hate to judge a man especially when I do not know all the details. But if Mike walks I will feel that it's not just because of the money, but that he's content on who he is as a player and where this team has taken him. Guys like this I feel that super bowls aren't everything to them. That may or may not be a bad thing but I like players who truly aspire to be great. Not just saying "I wanna record 2,000 receiving this year." But guys that actually bust tail to improve their game week in and out. Maybe Antonio Brown has already spoiled me and I do not know enough about Wallace, but that Brown kid seems to have it right. Hopefully HE won't be a nutcase when his contract is up. But I guess I'd be okay of any players mindset if our salaries weren't a mess and our priorities could be more focused on retaining our rising talent.

I do not know this to be true but I feel that when free agency opened up in 2011, everyone was going crazy hoping their players wouldn't jump ship. All that happened is every team caught up in the fast pace bidding war ended up keep their players with much higher salaries. Look at Kevin Kolb, Charles Johnson, and our own players like Timmons. Yeah, all three had different situations but the prices were jacked up all the same. Not saying guys didn't deserve their paydays but last off season really screwed a bunch of teams up. We just seem to have it worse because we already had so much invested in our defense and guys were not leaving or retiring as quick as we probably thought they would.
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