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Default Re: Madden: No league for old men

Originally Posted by fujirama24 View Post
I have to completely disagree with you MR. Madden. I believe the steelers didn't utilize Hines at all the way he should have been. He is not a big bubble screen guy. He is a guy who can find the holes in a zone and get open. I think this will be one the the worst moves the steelers have made in the last 30 years. I think he had 3 to 4 really good years left in him. I believe he will either be with Wiz in Arizona or he will go were P. Manning goes. wouldn't be a bad spot for him. Though I love the way you talk steelers mark, This time I think your wrong.
Wow. Do you really believe this. You have to be pulling our legs right?

If Hines goes to any team this year it will be as a inspiration and sideline coach. If a team signs Hines to play receiver then they truly have the worst evaluation of talent of any team in the league.

Hines isn't a bubble screen guy? Do you really think the Steelers were happy throwing Ward 1 yard passes all season and deliberately avoided throwing him 15-30 yard passes? Do you think the game plan was let's go for the 3 yard gain instead of the 30? They threw Hines those bubble screens because that's the only way he could get open and they were giving him gifts to get to 1000 catches.

Ward won't be with Manning this year. He won't even be playing this year. I've never in almost 35 years of watching football seen a more perfect example of a guy who has hit the end of the road. God Bless him but he is done.
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