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Post Re: Thoughts on realeasing Smith, Farrior, Ward, and possibly Wallace?

My thoughts on the individuals:

Farrior: The most disliked release to me. Sure, he lost maybe a step in 2011, but I've also seen him STEP UP. Maybe I missed his flaws.

Smith: a veteran that I didn't know well, but I know he was with the Steelers for at least 12 seasons. Injuries in the last 3 years, combined with taking salary with no play time resulted in being released.

Ward: the saddest release. Hines was a leader, a role model, and always a smile on his face. I will miss him the MOST. You simply don't come by football players with such class and pride for their team. But his production went down seriosuly in 2011. We need to keep young blood, mixed with some Vets. Money was also AGAIN a factor. But nonetheless, I will never forget Hines Ward!

Wallace: Not being released. As said above, he's a restricted free agent.

Not Mentioned:

Chris Kemoeatu : about ******* time!!! .....maybe he was good early on, but due to the number of idiotic penalties and how he represented our team he could NOT stay! I felt the least remorse for this move. He should have gone sooner.

The fact that we are trying to get some young blood and now have Todd Haley as our new offensive coordinator, I'm really excited to see what we can do in 2012!!

Win, loss, or tie; Steeler faithful till I die!
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